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Good morning! Let’s hope this week is a happy one.

Naya Rivera talked to Vibe Vixen about her forthcoming album and what her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, thinks about her playing a lesbian on Glee.

He’s really supportive of the character that I play. Everyday when we go out, he sees fans come up [to me] and I tell him stories about people thanking me for playing this character; this helps them come out to their friends and family. He thinks it’s so cool.

2013 BET Awards - Arrivals

He better!

Jane Lynch has officially filed for divorce from Lara Embry. She talked about it on Larry King Now, which will premiere tonight on Ora TV and Hulu. Jane said they are staying friends and Lara’s daughter, Hayden, is doing OK.

If you’re in LA tonight, check out Tig Notaro live at the Grammy Museum. If you’re not in LA, you can ask her a question on her Reddit Q&A this morning at 9 a.m PST.

Out comic artist Ariel Schrag is doing a new weekly series for Hit Fix. This is her first one, which plays on Under the Dome.divacup

Roxy released a new commercial featuring a scantily clad feminine woman getting up from her bed and heading to the beach. She’s a real pro, BTW, named Stephanie Gilmore. Anyway, when commenters complained how it looked too voyeuristic and like a lingerie ad, a Roxy staffer responded on his Facebook page, writing:

Some butchy lesbos were representing surfing – not rigged out sexy women who are in touch with their sexuality and know exactly how they are represented and marketed.

Pro surfer Cori Schumacher smartly responded on her own blog, discussing “lesbian-baiting” and surfer stereotypes in general. Basically, fuck that dude.

Rolling Stone has a list of the Greatest Gay Weddings on TV So Far.

The L.A. Times wrote about bisexuals and why they stay in the closet. Mostly people try to tell them who they really are.

Natasha Lyonne is so fantastic in Orange is the New Black as the lesbian junkie Nichols. She talked with Collider about how much she knew about her character before signing on for the job:

What’s amazing about getting someone like Jenji [Kohan] as the mind behind the scenes is that, somebody that has a mind like that, the way to draw you in, as a viewer or as someone reading the scripts on a week-to-week basis, is that as soon as I think I know who someone is, all of a sudden, there’s a belly underneath it.  The interesting trick of comedy, in a lot of ways, is to have both the comedy and the grounding of the real thing.  You get a real sense of a human being.  It may be a human being who goes by some sort of flashy moniker, in order to present as a tough guy, in the kind of society they’re living in, but you find out why they are the way they are.  That was really fun to discover.  Each week, we would all be hustling to get the advance of next week’s script.  I’ve never done a television show before, but you become addicted to the story.  As a viewer, you want to know more.  And this is a huge story.  I can’t believe the world that they’ve built, and how many different microcosm there are within the prison.  Everyone has self-named themselves.  You want to learn about the whole world, and just when you think it’s going to go a certain way, you discover something else.  That’s been really fun.

Goldfrapp has a new short film directed by Allison’s GF Lisa Gunning. It’s sexy and NSFW!

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres ShowTalking Liberally with Stephanie Miller (Current 9 a.m.), Tabatha’s Salon Takeover marathon (Style 10 a.m.), *Rules of Engagement  (TBS 11:30 a.m.), Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning (HBO Comedy 11:50 a.m.), All My Children marathon (OWN 12 p.m.), The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS 1:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (Lifetime 2 p.m., 3 p.m.), *Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out (Comedy Central 2:02 p.m., MTV2 3 p.m.), Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend 2012 (Palladia 3 p.m.), D.E.B.S. (Starz Comedy 3:10 p.m.), *Friends  (TBS 3:30 p.m., 4 p.m.), What’s Cooking? (Starz InBlack 3:35 p.m.), *The Fosters  (ABC Family 6 p.m.), Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN 7 p.m.), Real Housewives of New Jersey  (Bravo 7 p.m.), Our Idiot Brother (TMC Xtra 7:30 p.m.), Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (VH1 8 p.m.), *Lost Girl marathon (Chiller 8 p.m.), *How I Met Your Mother (CBS 8 p.m.), Black Swan (Sundance 8 p.m., 2 a.m.), Death Row: Aileen Wuornos (Bio 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), The Fosters  (ABC Family 9 p.m.), *True Blood (HBO2 9 p.m., HBO 11 p.m.), *Ray Donovan  (Showtime 9 p.m., 11 p.m.), The Runaways (Fuse 9 p.m., 11:30 p.m.), Push Girls  (Sundance 10 p.m.), Under the Dome  (CBS 10 p.m.), Mistresses  (ABC 10:01 p.m.), Brittney Griner on Conan (TBS 11 p.m.), *Friends (Nick 11:33 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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