The 5 best lesbian/bi moments on TV this week (July 13, 2013)


The Summer of Super Sapphic TV rolls on! This week, our top five moments include some regular ol’ favorites, plus Neflix’s sexy new hyper-queer debut.

5) The Killing: For a shining second, Bullet and Lyric are just a couple of girls in love.


From Dana Piccoli’s recap:

Bullet and Lyric are wrapped up in each other’s arms. For a moment, they look like two regular kids, snuggled up against each other, smiling and dreaming of the future. Then you remember they are in a filthy squat, where their next meal and safety are never guaranteed.  Twitch comes in, his face still a mess from his beatdown and his mind all scrambled up from drugs.  It’s certainly an awkward moment for the three of them, and Twitch doesn’t want to know what happened.  He tells Lyric that he’s got pieces of ass all over town, and claims to have just swindled some cougar out of a nice chunk of change. Considering his condition, this is highly unlikely, but he’s trying to save face. Lyric screams at him, her heart still invested a little bit at least, and leaves with Bullet.

4) Pretty Little Liars: Emily checks her passing privilege.


From Heather Hogan’s recap:

Outside of the party, Brenden makes a move on Emily and she smiles at him like he is the stupidest human on the planet. She says she’s taken, not available, got her future all planned out. She’s going to live inside the computer with the love of her life. Brenden goes, “Well, but maybe he’s not making you really happy.” Emily quirks her eyebrow, says, “He’s a she and she shines so bright in my heart and in my mind that I can barely even register your face.”

3) Mistresses: Joss reveals her love for Harry Potter and Pretty Little Liars.


From Valerie Anne’s recap:

Later, when Joss walks into the office, she finds everyone pouting and asks if Pretty Little Liars has been cancelled. (Which means Joss obviously doesn’t watch Pretty Little Liars, otherwise she would know that if it had gotten cancelled, there would be less pouting and more wailing and screaming.)

2) The Fosters: “What’s more Christian than family?” (#LoveIsLove)


From Lucy Hallowell’s recap:

Back at the dinner party of epic awkwardness, Stef’s dad asks Jesus what he thinks he will get out of Catholic Bible camp as a non-Catholic.  Say Catholic again.  Stef tries to stop this train because she’s not sure they want Jesus going.  Lexi’s mom is like, it’s a no brainer, of course Jesus will be at Bible camp.  Stef tries to tiptoe around their concerns which have less to do with the sleeping arrangements or amount of supervision and more to  do with the message that she and Lena are an abomination and that their family is wrong, you know the usual hellfire, burning stuff.  Lexi’s mom is appalled that Stef and Lena would worry about such a thing.  She says she would never allow anyone to say anything against their family.  She says they support this family one hundred percent.  Stef’s dad nearly falls off his chair.  Mr. Rivera says, “of course we do.  What’s more Christian than family?”  What indeed?

1) Orange Is the New Black: Prison is gayer than West Hollywood


From Ali Davis’ recap:

I know what you’re wondering: Is Orange is the New Black the kind of show where we have to wait until 14 episodes in to see a maybe-queer character have a maybe-queer moment? Nope! Try 26 seconds into the opening. Good job, show.

We meet Piper Chapman via her lifelong enjoyment of cleanliness, including a shower with her lesbian ex-lover and a bath with her current straight-boy fiancé. And then we skip straight to her first shower in prison, right before the opening credits.

What was your favorite Sapphic moment on TV This week?

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