Take a peek at the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ “prom” photos


Pretty Little Liars‘ director and social media guru Norman Buckley is on set filming the season 4A finale right now, and every day, he’s been posting prom-style photos of all the Pretty Little Couples. The photos are all very adorable, but Paige and Emily’s is the best. I told Lindsey Shaw yesterday that I’d heard a rumor about some spicy Paily times in the finale and she said, “Girl, aren’t their always spicy Paily times?”

Prom Paily


Prom Ezria


Prom Sopby


Prom Haleb


I think the finale is the beautiful hobo’s last episode before he heads to Ravenswood.

And here’s a bonus Instagram from Troian Bellisario from on-set last night.


I’ve got an interview with Lindsey Shaw coming your way later today. Stay tuned!

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