Straight girls think Emily would go back to guys if Paily splits on “PLL”


In today’s frustration with straight people, AfterBuzz’s Pretty Little Liars video recappers Stephanie Wenger, Whitney Lane and Emma Kostandyan say that they think Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) would go back to guys if she split from Paige (Lindsey Shaw).

Starting around four minutes in, the vloggers start discussing Brenden, Spencer’s new college guide, and how Emily is “flattered guys are still into her” and that once Paige moves to Stanford, “they’re going to go their separate ways and that’s when guys will come back in.” They go on to say Emily will “Turn back to guys” in a “different environment” like college. Usually girls try their hands at going gay once they go to university, not the other way around.

What do you think about this theory?

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