Watch now! Jaime Murray and Mia Kirshner on their favorite “Defiance” scenes


We’ve had three days now to process that insane Defiance finale, and while I’m still no closer to really understanding what the frak happened (or if my beloved Kenya is still alive!), Syfy has started rolling out end-of-season cast interviews in which the actors talk about their favorite scenes from the last episode of the season. Jaime Murray is up first, and I think she’s talking about the playing against her instinct to rail at the patriarchy, but to be honest, I spent the full three minutes entranced by her face and hair like I was looking at a Veela. See for yourself:

And next Mia Kirshner talks about her favorite finale scene, which was Kenya’s goodbye with Amanda, which also was my favorite finale scene.

And here’s a bonus of Kirshner and Murray just being cute.

Have you processed the finale yet? Are you looking forward to season two, or do you still need to catch your breath?

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