THE FOSTERS: Our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets from “Saturday”



This week on The Fosters we caught our first glimpse of Liam, who we liked much better as the semi-doofy nerdcathalon competitor who coaxed Spencer Hastings out of her bra on sunny afternoon. Stef and her dad had a heartbreakingly familiar conversation about religion and sexuality, and Lexi’s parents came for dinner but served Gramps with a little refresher of what it means to be a Christian. Through it all, you guys were tweeting your little hearts out about Callie’s camo tank-top, taste in dudes (long hair, likes to process, possibly a lesbian gateway drug), and wondered what exactly happened to Jude. Here are a few of our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets.































Check back later today for the full recap. Until then, what did you think of this week’s episode?

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