“The Killing” recap (3.7): Hope Kills


This week’s episode of The Killing picks up with Holder and Linden inside Pastor Mike’s office, where the faces of dozens of young girls stare back at them from his bulletin board. Pastor Mike is there, wearing his Warby Parkers and his best benevolent face. When Linden and Holder ask him why there aren’t any boys pictured on his wall, he just says it’s because the girls like getting their picture taken more. Suuuuure.  The detectives are unconvinced as the pastor denies seeing Angie, the missing girl. While the camera pans out, we see Rayna, one of the street kids from earlier in the season. She’s eavesdropping, and from the look of distress on her face, she knows that Pastor Mike is hiding something.


Bullet and Lyric are wrapped up in each other’s arms. For a moment, they look like two regular kids, snuggled up against each other, smiling and dreaming of the future. Then you remember they are in a filthy squat, where their next meal and safety are never guaranteed.  Twitch comes in, his face still a mess from his beatdown and his mind all scrambled up from drugs.  It’s certainly an awkward moment for the three of them, and Twitch doesn’t want to know what happened.  He tells Lyric that he’s got pieces of ass all over town, and claims to have just swindled some cougar out of a nice chunk of change. Considering his condition, this is highly unlikely, but he’s trying to save face. Lyric screams at him, her heart still invested a little bit at least, and leaves with Bullet.

At the station, a background check on Pastor Mike comes up clean. Linden and Holder are still suspicious however, and rightfully so.  Beacon Home gives Pastor Mike access to all these kids, it’s really the perfect setup for allowing these kids to develop a false sense of security with him, if he indeed is not what he seems.  Holder seems to be particularly affected by their meeting with the pastor.


Linden tells him to get some rest, and she heads home herself. The night is shrouded in mist as she pulls up to her home, making the headlights that pull up behind her even more ominous.  Cody, Linden’s former fellow, appears. He’s angry and looking for answers, answers that Linden doesn’t want to give.  When she does open up, it is only to issue a warning and say this. “I was pretending to be someone that I wasn’t when I was with you.” He grabs her, and she flashes him a look that reminds him, that though she may be small, she carries a weapon and knows how to protect herself.

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