The 5 best lesbian/bi moments on TV this week (July 6, 2013)


This is the most exciting summer for gay lady visibility in the history of television. In fact, there’s so much delicious lesbian and bisexual and all around queer female content on our TVs right now we’ve decided to create a weekly refresher to run down the top moments you don’t want to miss. Here’s the best of the week from June 30 – July 6.

5) The biracial lesbian couple on Under the Dome holds our interest for week two.


From Elaine Atwell’s recap:

I will say that, even though we haven’t seen much of them yet, the lesbian couple here actually interest me. For one thing, it’s refreshing that a gay, interracial family can roll up to this small town and no one so much as bats an eyelid. For another, there’s a palpable rhythm and familiarity to their interactions; when Carolyn introduces Alice as a psychiatrist, she does it with an inflection that says “I have learned not to roll my eyes at this through years of practice.”

4) Joss and Alex finally get down to business in Mistresses.


From Valerie Anne’s recap:

Joss and Alex return from their hike to find Surfer Dude gone and the bed made. Amused, but sweaty, Joss starts to strip and gets in the shower. Alex watches her leave and has the same swoony face on I do. Moments later, Alex opens the door to the shower stall and asks Joss if she can join. Joss gives her a quick once-over and smiles her approval. Alex steps in and gets close to Joss. She leans in for a kiss, slow, sensual. Things get steamy. In all senses of the word.

At this point, I assume it’s Joss having shower-fantasies and enjoy it for what it is. (Spoiler alert: I was so wrong. So blissfully wrong.)

3) The Killing‘s show-stealing androgynous lesbian Bullet gets a kiss from her lady.


From Dana Piccoli’s recap:

After spending the day looking for Kallie, Bullet goes to the squat to check on Lyric. She’s curled up in a ball, and Twitch is nowhere to be found. She asks Bullet to come and keep her warm. My heart clenched for Bullet, because she so badly wants Lyric to love her, but also knows that she’s probably just being used. She climbs into bed with Lyric anyway. Lyric asks her what’s on her mind and Bullet tells her about Kallie’s mom. Lyric tells Bullet she doesn’t have to be tough all the time, which strikes a nerve. Then Lyric says what Bullet has been longing to hear. “You think I don’t see you, but I do.” With that, Lyric leans in and kisses Bullet, sweetly.

2) Paige and Emily dream a new dream on Pretty Little Liars.


From Heather Hogan’s recap:

Emily tells Paige that their dreams of living inside her dorm room matrix are over. She can’t get a scholarship if she can’t swim and she can’t swim with bruise poisoning and she wouldn’t have bruise poisoning if she’d just let Aria and Mona die. Paige grins and says, “Yeah, you should have let that car hit them.” She’s joking but she’s not joking. The Batman part of her gets it. The puffy drapes part of her does not. Paige is so wonderful right now, even the tenor of her voice is a comfort. Emily thinks she’s going to flip out about the loss of this enormous dream, but Paige says they’ll find a new dream. She once wore a braid and wrote a note and hoped Emily might like her back, even just a little. It was the best dream she’d ever had in all of her life and she held it out with trembling hands and Ali snatched it away. And look at them now. Back then, she couldn’t have even fathomed a world where this dream existed. There’s a new dream for them; they just don’t have the capacity to comprehend its awesomeness yet.

1) The Fosters, just absolutely all of it.


From Lucy Hallowell’s recap:

She’s not telling Jude to change who he is. She’s not even telling him to hide. She recognizes the toll that comes from pretending, from smoothing out the edges, of using a code, a special look, a shorthand to say “I love you” when you’re out in public. Sure things are a lot different from 1942 but sometimes we’re all Betty McRae holding Teresa’s hand in that theater so no one can see. It hurts. Just like allowing the little things to slip in your marriage can chip away at it until there is nothing left, pretending not to be who you are and not to love who you love can hollow you out, it can leave you filled with fear and pain. But, Lena assures us, it’s not because there is something wrong with us, there is something wrong with the world and we don’t have to feel ashamed of ourselves because our love, our difference, scares other people. Lena, where were you when I was in middle school?

What was your favorite les/bi moment on TV this week?

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