PUSH GIRLS recap (2.6): Sex Ed


The Push Girls love to talk about sex, especially in the latest “Sex Ed” episode. Sadly our out cast member Tiphany is missing in action.  Hopefully she’ll be in next week’s episode with her tattooed lady love, Liz.

As the ladies chow down on dinner Mia tells them she’s on a mission to get married. Mia doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet and she’s ready to settle down, like, yesterday. (One step at a time, sister.) Mia said, “Honestly I’m looking for the fastest track to marriage at this point. I know it sounds desperate but I really don’t think it is.” As Mia reflects on her love life she keeps revisiting her relationship with her male friend Barak (not Obama). After a brief game of tennis, (Mia and Barak against Auti and friend Pauline), Mia and Barak schedule a private hang out on Barak’s plane.

Auti and Pauline cohort, “They are not just friends!”

Mia is worried that if she starts a romantic relationship with Barak and it doesn’t work out then it will destroy their friendship. The Push Girls encourage Mia to go for it. They raise their glass and toast Mia joining the “mile high club.” Classy!

Auti is still in the dog house for cheating so she makes an effort (and breakfast) to show Eric that she’s sorry for being selfish in their relationship. It would take dozens of scrambled eggs to regain my trust.

Meanwhile, Chelsie is having trouble at home. Her mother and father have been at odds since her accident. Her dad blames his former wife for giving their teenage daughter too much independence, allowing her to be out past midnight, which is when the accident occurred. Chelsie’s parents won’t even look at each other when they are in the same room together. To ease the tension, Chelsie’s dad takes his little girl on a motorcycle ride. Chelsie, who frequently rode with her father in the past, said that being back on the bike made her feel “normal again.” After a fun day out, Chelsie confronts her dad about the strained relationship with his ex-wife. Her father confirms that he attributes the accident to his ex’s bad parenting saying, “she did her best and it wasn’t good enough for me.” Ouch!

Back to sex. Auti wants to set Angela up with Sonny, the new patient she met at Rancho Los Amigo National Rehabilitation Center.


Angela asks the important questions, “Does he feel down there?” Auti admits, “I didn’t ask him all that.” Angela tells her, “That’s the first thing you ask, babe!”

No word if Sonny does in fact “feel down there.”

Auti and Angela decide that they should take their sexual expertise to the rehab center.  The center’s only sex education is an outdated awkward sex tape, and Auti and Angela want to teach a sex ed class. The patients ask them questions, but the gathering turns into a group therapy session in which everyone is able to chime in about their sexual experiences. In an effort to strengthen their marriage, Eric shows up to support Auti.  These two hold hands and openly discuss their sex life with the group and it’s actually really sweet to watch. I think these two will stay together, do you?

What did you think about this episode? Did you learn anything new about sex?

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