Jes Macallan on that steamy “Mistresses” shower scene


As if things weren’t hot enough over at ABC’s steamy new drama Mistresses, one of the ladies – Jes Macallan’s character, Joss – hit the showers with another lady, her real estate client/friend, Alex (Shannyn Sossamon).

If you saw last week’s episode, you know that Joss and Alex shared a kiss but what happens in tonight’s episode may shake up even the normally in-control Joss since she and Alex definitely take things beyond mere kissing.


To get the lowdown on what’s really going on here, AfterEllen grabbed some time with Macallan who was more than happy to shed some light on what is going through Joss’s mind, how far things may continue to go in future episodes and how she had to be schooled on the term “homowrecker,” which is our tweet-along hashtag for the show.

AfterEllen: In the episode, Alex seems to have a little crush on Joss but do you think Joss was completely surprised by what happens between them?

Jes Macallan: I think the beautiful thing about Joss is that she is game for anything and lives in the moment. When everything “goes down” in the shower I think she is a bit shocked about how forward Alex is, but it was pretty sexy to Joss that Alex comes on to her and puts herself out there.

My favorite scene is the scene afterwards, which really shows how awkward it could have been between the two girls. Joss is so flustered and feels like she is supposed to handle things a certain way, and Alex is so reassuring and in control. It’s a total role reversal!

AE: What do you think made Joss not stop Alex from making a move on her?

JM: Joss finds confidence sexy and it doesn’t hurt that Alex is a beautiful woman. I think Joss chooses to go with the flow because it felt right at that moment. That’s pretty much how Joss operates on a day-to-day basis — if it feels right, do it!


AE: Joss seems fine with what happened with Alex. Should we believe her that this was no big deal?

JM: I do think that Joss feels very relieved after Alex lets her know that it was “just fun” and “a rebound thing.” Whether or not that attitude holds true in the episodes to come is another thing. This is where complications happen in relationships. One person is thinking one thing and the other is thinking another — and then hearts get broken.

AE: Even though Joss says she’s straight, do you think maybe a door has been opened that may not close too fast?

JM: Absolutely. Again, although Joss is “straight” in her mind and past attractions, something is holding her to Alex. She really likes being with her, she feels like a better person when she is around her, and she feels like she has someone she can trust and lean on (other than her sister) for the first time in her life.


AE: Do we see Joss share this experience with her sister? How would she react if she told her?

JM: We do! I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that the rest of the group doesn’t take this very seriously. Everyone seems to brush it off like, “There goes Joss being wacky again.” Although Joss doesn’t really care what people think of her, I think we start to see a turn where she wishes people (especially her sister and friends) would take her more seriously.

AE: Do you think its Joss’s first time with another woman? From what we’ve seen so far on the show, she seems pretty sexually free.

JM: I think this is her first time “like this” with a woman. It perhaps feels a little bit like an alcoholic having sober sex for the first time. I am sure she has had fun, wild nights with men and women — but this instance doesn’t happen like that. It’s after a hike in the middle of the day in a shower!

There is so much vulnerability and trust “stuff” that is happening there. It’s very different from them just getting boozy and making out for some dudes to watch and get excited about, ya know? So yes, I think in this regard, it is absolutely her “first time” with another woman. Especially, let us not forget, with a very good friend. Alex is no stranger/one night stand.

AE: We see that Joss definitely is connecting with Alex. Will Joss be surprised where things go with Alex?

JM: Yes! I think the audience will as well — and that’s all I have to say about that!


AE: Where do things go?

JM: I don’t want to give this journey away because I think it is a beautiful one. I will confess, one of our scenes in a future episode was the hardest scene for me to shoot the entire season. It was very emotional, but an emotional that I can’t describe. It was very internal and deep. Let’s just say that Joss does a lot of ‘maturing’ from her relationship with Alex. Hearts are broken, hearts are mended, shit gets real!


AE: The show has a very diverse cast in a very organic way. Were you aware of that when they signed on?

JM: Well I was the first one attached so, no, I had no idea! As the cast grew and grew and more people were attached I began to get very excited. I think everyone was so brilliantly cast in their roles and they play them with ease and elegance. I think both the men and women are all spot on and I am so happy we are a diverse cast!

AE: Joss has a very cool style in how she dresses. Does that match your own personal style?

JM: Joss is definitely more style-conscious than I am but I love her looks. I live in a t-shirt and jeans usually so for me to be able to be all glammed up every day was a treat and has definitely affected my personal style these days. I am pushing my own style envelope constantly because of Joss and I’ve been having fun with my wardrobe!

AE: What have you been hearing from fans now that Mistresses is airing?

JM: Wow! The fans have been tremendous! I hope that people stick with us all the way through and I think our audience grows and grows each week feeling closer and closer to these women. I really hope that people are liking it. I think they are. I feel like a lot of people were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t just a bunch of crazy home wreckers running around. We had hearts and minds and some of us just made accidental bad decisions.

My favorite thing from the gay community is this new term “homowrecker,” which I had never heard! haha! They explained it’s when a straight person comes in and destroys a gay relationship. I thought, “Oh my god! I was playing a homowrecker and had no idea!”

airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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