“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 3


Work hard, play hard — Everyone’s in the water, even Jessica, who’s taken herself off last week’s injured list. Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. Or in this case, maybe not sucking out loud is good enough.

The day is filled with spill after spill and no obvious improvement, but hey, it beats the hell out of working.

After a hard day at the beach, the girls decide they’ve earned a drink or five and head off to that L.A. lesbian hotspot, East/West. Work Out fans remember East/West as the bar where Michele had a craptastic blind date with Jackie Warner where the only love match they discovered was a shared affection for hair products. Michele was forced to nod politely as Jackie complained about her girl problems, and later, she helped her trawl for fresh babes.

Erin, Michele, Gingi and Vanessa settle into a booth with their $12 cocktails and watch Melissa and Jessica perform PDSF (public display of suck face). Melissa is grinning with joy because Jessica came back to her. Jessica loves an audience and straddles Melissa’s lap right there in front of a large window.

Gingi’s gaze is redirected from the Melissa and Jessica Show to a girl standing out on the sidewalk. She leans on Vanessa and whispers, “Oh, she’s hot,” as her eyes take a walk all over a punky girl with tattoos, bleached hair and a low-cut tank top bursting with bottomless cleavage. Gingi likey.

Vanessa: If you get her number, I’ll streak the club.

Gingi: Shut up.

Vanessa: I’ll go … [motioning outside] I’ll run topless.

Gingi: Deal.

Vanessa says if Gingi can’t score Cleavage’s digits, Gingi will have to “be naked later.” Could you define “later”? I need to clear my schedule.

Gingi gets up to go work her mojo on Cleavage. Michele muses, “Really, who needs porn when you can just come to a bar in the middle of the day and hang out?” Conversely, who needs bars when you can just sit home and watch porn? Life is about having choices, people.

After a few minutes of trying out pickup lines on The Cleave (“I love your shirt — what is that, cotton? How crazy is that L Word, right? Give me your number if you want to see my friend naked.”), Gingi shoots her hand up in the air and announces triumphantly, “I’ve got it covered!”

Vanessa is skeptical and wants proof. She dials the alleged number on Gingi’s phone. Cleavy’s phone starts chirping.

Vanessa jokes she doesn’t hear anything. The girls laugh and turn in unison to look at Vanessa. Michele says, “We’re waiting …”

Vanessa takes her shirt off in the back of the bar and runs toward the front with her arms in the air yelling, “Wooooo!” Streaking past the girls as they scream with laughter, Vanessa keeps going and trots right out the front door.

Melissa follows her out onto the sidewalk, her baby blues politely averted from, uh, the girls. She grabs Vanessa by the waist and escorts her back inside. What’s in those drinks, anyway? I would like to buy a round for the house.

Afterward, the girls walk over to a nearby hotel for dinner and a swim. Gingi holds hands with her prize as Melissa eyes them from behind. Jessica walks beside Melissa, towering over her like Kristanna Loken over Michelle Rodriguez. Jessica is the lesbian Paul Bunyan.

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