“Curl Girls” Recaps: Episode 2


Last week — Last week on Curl Girls, we met the girls who ride the curls. Michele is centered and level-headed, and no one heeds her. Erin is a serious surfer who practices law and likes to shoot at things.

Sensitive Melissa is seriously dating Jessica. Too bad Jessica isn’t seriously dating Melissa, if you know what I mean.

Gingi is a snazzy dresser who likes flirting. Lastly, Vanessa enjoys tube socks, streaking and cracking wise. And they all love surfing. And talking. And talking some more.

Last week, for no particular reason, the girls decided to organize a surfing competition for themselves: Michele, Gingi and Melissa against Erin, Vanessa and Jessica. Let the games begin.

You show me yours — Gingi and Vanessa are both clothing designers but with very different styles. Gingi favors a sophisticated but slightly edgy, femmy kind of thing. Vanessa is into the urban, kitschy, retro look. Should they ever collaborate, we’ll be seeing flowy wrap skirts made from car upholstery.

After work, Gingi calls Vanessa from her car and invites herself over.

Gingi: Is this a good time to come by to your place and um, we can kind of … um, share?

Vanessa: Totally! I’m totally in my sweatshop, sweating right now, so …

Gingi: Oh, brilliant. I love it. Good, good. I get to see you in your dirty digs.

Gingi arrives at an Echo Park boutique called Ladita, which I’m guessing is pronounced “la-dee-da.” Vanessa is busy working in the front of the store but stops to show Gingi her clothing line. It’s so gay she calls it “Sew Gay.” Cute. I want to have a lingerie store just so I can call it “I.C. London.”

Vanessa takes sweating seriously, because she’s wearing her favorite red terry-cloth headband again and wristbands, too. Either her fashion muse is Björn Borg or she has a glandular problem.

Gingi breaks out her own portfolio and shows Vanessa some samples. Vanessa likes talking shop with another designer. And it doesn’t hurt that Gingi is easy on the eyes.

Vanessa: It’s so nice to hang out with people of, like, like minds and like aspirations and see the struggles that they’re going through. … Gingi’s cute. I think she’s a good-looking girl. Yeah, she’s a hot girl …

I finally figured out who Gingi reminds me of: Daphne Rubin-Vega. Who? If you were able to take your eyes off Neve Campbell and Denise Richards for five seconds during Wild Things, you might remember Kevin Bacon’s partner, Det. Gloria Perez, the cop who figured out the scam too late to do anything about it. Yeah, no one remembers anything from that movie except the sex scenes and Kevin’s bacon.

Taking a meeting — Surf team captains Michele and Erin meet for lunch at a Mexican café to plan the upcoming competition. Michele says she invited her friend Rebecca. Oh, no. Are they now merging lesbian reality shows?

But no, it’s not that Rebecca from Work Out. This Rebecca is a surfing instructor and author of surfing books Surf Like a Girl and Surfer Girl Journal. That was close.

Erin suggests that Rebecca not only lend her support but be a judge, too. Rebecca’s happy to oblige and mentions the Surfrider Foundation, an organization working for clean oceans and beach preservation. Why not turn the contest into a fundraiser? Erin and Michele love the idea because what lesbian doesn’t love a fundraiser that involves sports?

Not gonna date ya — Back at Ladita, Vanessa and Gingi are chillin’ in the back room. Gingi mentions there’s a barbeque later at Michele’s house where they’ll get to meet Michele’s girlfriend. She segues right into, “So, what about you? No girlfriends?” Vanessa opts to take the fifth. Why so secretive? Are you in a terry-cloth fetish down-low with Amelie Mauresmo?

Gingi keeps probing.

Gingi: Have you always dated women?

Vanessa: Yeah, well I had a boyfriend when I was like, 16. And you?

Gingi: Um, ah, I didn’t know that I really liked girls until I liked them. I was 18 …

Vanessa: [Laughs.]

Gingi: Yeah, it was weird …

Vanessa: And you’re talking about me? [Laughs.]

Gingi: It kinda snuck up on me.

Vanessa: And then what? Are you totally gay, straight or whatever …

Gingi: No, I date men still.

Screeech! Vanessa rolls her eyes and looks away for a second. She gets off the Gingi bus right there.

Gingi: It depends; it’s not really like a sex thing with me. It’s more of, like, an energy thing with me. Like, if you get me and we can hang and we can have a good time …

Vanessa: So, you’re bi.

Gingi: Yeah …

Vanessa: Gotcha! Lot of bi girls, like, play this whole game where, like, they won’t … they’re really obscure about it. It’s like if you’re bi, own it, OK, whatever.

Gingi: Yeah, totally.

I’m not gonna hate ya, and I’m not gonna date ya. Ya know?

Gingi’s taken aback for a moment. I don’t get that she’s seriously interested in Vanessa, but still. Girls don’t want women who are not their type telling them they’re not their type. Chicks.

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