She Made Me Watch This: “Painkiller Jane,” “The Closer,” “South of Nowhere,” and more.


Friday night’s episode of Painkiller Jane
was weirdly lesbianish, The Closer‘s third-season opener was (mostly)
great, and the newest episodes of Standoff and Hidden Palms were pretty good, but probably only watched by me.

This morning I was talking to my girlfriend Lori about these shows, and it
occurred to me that instead of writing up a blog post about all of them, I could
just set up our new web cam in our home office and record our conversation
about it. After I bribed Lori with smoothies and cupcakes, she finally agreed
to do it.

Just to set expectations, this is Lori’s first time
doing anything on camera, our home office is badly in need of some art on
the walls, and once the camera was on, we somehow wandered from talking about Painkiller
and The Closer to South of
, Maeve Quinlan, Stevie Nicks and Renee O’Connor. But if you don’t mind those things, you might find this an amusing
way to pass 10 minutes.

I also added some snarky commentary to it
after the fact, just for the fun of it. Watch it now here:

FYI here’s a still shot from the scene in the Painkiller Jane episode
that we’re discussing in the video, in which Jane (Kristanna Loken) is
tied up by an evil neuron model who wants to use her as a fountain of youth. Yes, it was as strange as it looks/sounds.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t forget to check out the Stevie
Nicks Fajita Roundup!

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