“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 2.11 “Rough Justice”



The poisoner: Somebody adds a little something to Renee’s lunch.

The pint-swiller: Fenner hits the sauce.

The prison service professional: Helen has a lot of meetings, including a few with Nikki.

Wow — First, let’s take a moment to reflect on the title of this episode: "Rough Justice." My mind just went in a whole other direction for a minute there.

A ride — Di is picking Fenner up. In a car, I mean. She’s driving him to work because his car is in the shop. Di has just happened to leave some holiday brochures on the passenger seat, not that she wanted Fenner to notice them or anything. She says she’s thinking about taking her mother to Spain this summer. Fenner could not be less interested, even when she insists that he take a look at the brochures too. What the hell, Di? Do you get free miles or something if you refer a friend, or is this one of those time-share scams?

Fenner explains that he and his wife have "decided not to go abroad" this year, which seems to be code for "we hate each other."

Evil, thy name is Renee — Renee Williams, that new inmate and sworn enemy of Yvonne’s, is spouting crap at Crystal. And by crap, I mean incredibly racist stuff, like "jungle beads." She’s sure that Crystal’s hairbrush has made the sink filthy. Crystal tells her to watch her mouth, but Denny warns Crystal to "leave it."

Crystal: I ain’t afraid of this scumbag.

Just to show her how afraid she should be, Renee slams Crystal up against the cell door. Di opens the door just in time, to call them all to work. Whew; that was close.

The loo — Oh, my God. Yvonne and Nikki are in the same room at the same time, and they’re both looking delicious in their hoodies. Yes, I’m easy to please, but I could swear Yvonne gives Nikki an up-and-down glance. And doesn’t Yvonne have the best mischievous smile?

Man, I seriously need to channel this stuff into some fan fic. Anyway, my reverie is interrupted by psycho Renee emerging from a stall to attack Yvonne with that damn razor blade again. She manages to slash Yvonne’s arm. Nikki pulls Renee off and then shoves her away, retrieving the razor blade after Renee leaves. She tells Yvonne to "watch her," and Yvonne looks genuinely scared. But she insists she can look after herself.

And she can look after me — Helen. Oh, Helen! There you are! She’s arriving for her workday. Dominic is as excited as I am.

Dominic: Does this mean you’ll be based here for good now?

Helen: Yep.

Three little letters. So sweet. Is there really a more beautiful woman on the planet? That smile gets me every time, and there’s that tongue again!

Di teases Dominic for flirting with Helen. But we all know he can’t help it any more than we could if we were there.

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