“Sex and the City” movie might finally be ready for its close-up


Ladies, raise your cosmopolitans and click your Manolos. The Sex and the City movie is definitely, maybe going to happen.

Series star Sarah Jessica Parker told Entertainment Tonight yesterday that, “As far as I know people creatively are on board. I’m not being cagey for once in saying it might happen. ”

OK, fine, that wasn’t the emphatic “It’s on!” I was hoping for from SJP. But given that it’ s been more than three since the fabulous foursome last strutted the streets of New York, I’ll interpret any slightly positive yet still firmly noncommittal Mr. Big-like statement as an affirmation of my deepest desires.

Even before the series ended its six-season run in 2004, talk of a possible big screen adaptation was hot and heavy. But those hopes were quickly kiboshed amid rumors of infighting between costars. Then, last November, murmurs about a possible SATC reunion resurfaced. The buzz has been slowly growing with everyone from guest star Mario Cantone to co-star Kristin Davis stoking the green-light embers.

How I miss my weekly fix of those crazy single gals. It wasn’t just the sex or the city or the fashion or the sass that made the show click. It was all of those things elements together, built on a foundation that celebrated the strength and complexity of women’s friendships. And now that co-star Cynthia Nixon has come out, the series has the one element it’ s been missing from the start — a real-life gay lady (come on, I know it’ s set in New York, but it can’t all be about the queens). So, after all this time away, could the ladies still be able to breathe life, laughter and love back in Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha? Well, I wouldn’ t bet a Birkin bag against it.

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