Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 4, 2007)


This week saw the beginning of May sweeps, a period which traditionally features
a flurry of exploitive lesbian kisses (and occasionally some decent ones), and
this year is no exception. Veronica Mars (CW) kicked things off with
a silly story line about two women who locked a guy who was secretly dating both
of them in a vending machine room, and then taunted him by kissing each other
in the elevator as they left. Because lesbianism is all about kissing for men.

Then ER (NBC) jumped into the fray by running a promo for last night’s
episode that showed an enthusiastic Asian-American intern declaring her admiration
for Neela (Bend it Like Beckham‘s Parminder Nagra) by kissing her in
the bathroom at a wedding. Hey, I’m all for Nagra playing a lesbian role
— what Beckham fan isn’t? — but a random kiss drummed up by the promo
department doesn’t exactly qualify.

What’s next, Pam and Angela getting drunk and playing spin the bottle on The
? Izzie coming down with a mysterious disease that temporarily makes
her attracted to women on Grey’s Anatomy? Actually, that last idea’s
not half bad …

Rosie O’Donnell hasn’t entered the 2008 presidential race as the candidate for
the Lesbian Party (although I’d probably enjoy the televised presidential debates
more if she did); she has been named as one of Time‘s 100 most influential people in the world. Here’s what Barbara Walters
had to say about her in Time (along with the illustration
Time ran with the piece):

When Rosie O’Donnell was 10, she lost her mother. I don’t think she ever
got over it. It made her both independent and vulnerable, sensitive and outspoken.
She loves Barbra Streisand, Broadway shows, her partner Kelli, their four
young children, anyone’s babies … and feuds. Not necessarily in that order.
She hates what she considers injustice, snobby people, most of the current
Administration, and chances are she will never live in a Trump building.

She is enormously charitable. She has two foundations: Rosie’s Broadway Kids
and the For All Kids Foundation. She gives unsparingly to returning veterans’
causes and hospitals. And she visits them.

A year ago, I went to a screening of the HBO documentary All Aboard!: Rosie’s
Family Cruise. It followed a cruise that Rosie and Kelli had inaugurated.
It was funny, touching and—I guess to some—unsettling. That night,
inspired by her documentary, I asked Rosie if she would consider joining us
on The View. And so, last September, we began a thrilling roller-coaster ride.
We followed Rosie’s passion and compassion, her feuds and fearlessness, her
humanity and humor. When Rosie and ABC couldn’t come to an agreement for her
to return to the program next fall, it was for me a plunge on the roller coaster.
But we remain respectful and affectionate friends.

Rosie, 45, is a fine actress, a great storyteller and a woman of conviction.
Her opinions are heartfelt, passionate and often abrasive. Her views are not
necessarily my views, but in her heart, she dearly hopes to be a force for
good, a voice for people like her who are vulnerable and perhaps neglected.
Her mother would be proud.

A classy tribute. The 28 other women on the list include Hillary Clinton, Queen
Elizabeth, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Cate Blanchett, America Ferrera, Tina
Fey (excellent!) and Kate Moss (?!), among others. Barack Obama made the cut
as one of the 71 men on the list, but George W. Bush is noticeably absent.

no Kate Moss hater, but isn’t it a sad day when a washed-up model with a drug problem
is considered more influential than the president of the United States? I’m
just saying.

I mentioned in my column back in January ’06
that Rebecca Budig — aka All My Children‘s Greenlee — was going to
play a lesbian on Out of Practice,
last season’s CBS sitcom about a family of doctors that included Paula Marshall
as a lesbian ER doc. Unfortunately, the show was canceled before that episode

Why was this show canceled again? The writing started off rocky, but definitely
got better as the season progressed — and the show starred Stockard Channing,
people! (For more of her,
check out Scribe Grrrl’s blog
post about Stockard from earlier this week.) It also featured one of the
best lesbian characters we’ve had on TV in a long time — oh wait, I think I
just answered my own question. This is network TV: no smart, sarcastic single-and-dating
lesbians allowed.

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