Heather Morris and Dianna Agron won’t be returning to “Glee” as series regulars


One of the biggest conundrums Glee‘s writers have faced over the years is the dilemma of what to do with a character once she makes sweet lady love to Santana Lopez. I mean, it’s basically the apex of human achievement; where do you go from there? Apparently the answer is “off the show.” Fox announced today that neither Heather Morris nor Dianna Agron will be returning as series regulars next season. In fact, Dianna Agron might not be back at all. I guess Glee‘s lesbian fandom has been right all along: Once you’ve done the deed with Santana, it’s not believable that you’d be happy doing anything else.

Brittany, at least, got a pretty phenomenal send-off in the season three finale. She’s headed off to MIT to fine-tune her brand of of wisdom and intuition, and in her final moments on the show, the writers finally acknowledged that not even words could express what she and Santana meant to each other. They walked off the sectionals stage, arm-in-arm, in silence. It was one of the show’s most poignant moments. I do hope we get to see her rocking the college world, at least a little.

But if the last we ever see of Quinn is her slamming a water bottle on a hotel night stand to go back in for another round of scissoring with Sanatna, well, I can live with that. The writers never knew what to do with Agron’s talents. At least we can write her off as a gaymo, since that’s how she spent her final moments on the show.

In other depressing news, Amber Riley won’t be back as a series regular either.

Glee‘s fifth season is slated to kick off on September 19th, and both Naya Rivera and Lea Michele tweeted that they were doing their season five photo shoots today. Which means filming should begin soon and spoilers should start falling from the sky. We hear Santana’s getting a new girlfriend. Here’s hoping she’s something super special. She’s got an almost impossible act to follow.

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