#BooRadleyVanCullen rides again in “A Liars Guide to Rosewood”


I was dealing with a family emergency last night during “A Liars Guide to Rosewood” and when I finally got home I thought I’d rely on Twitter’s “top tweets” algorithm to choose some #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets so I could get some sleep, but two minutes into reading, all my worries and cares and exhaustion were swept away in a wave of nostalgic giggles and LOLs. You guys may have missed Paige’s face and Spencer’s voice most of all, but what I missed was the the #BooRadleyVanCullen experience! Next week is the season four premiere; let’s saddle up and make it the best season ever!

What if PLL really is just a How I Met Your Mother-style flashback of Mona relying her grand plan for humanity out for her children? Vanderjesus, we praise you!

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