10 reasons to watch “Bomb Girls” TONIGHT!

6. Tumblr has spoken

Gladys Witham is Spencer Hastings’ grandmother. The two Ravenclaws have too much in common not to be related. They both fancy themselves super sleuths, they are both fiercely protective of their friends, and both of them have this face/hair/voice combo that make angels turn their eyes from God.

7. McBond

If you think a TV show set in the ’40s would use its time period as an excuse not to explore the ecstasy and heartbreak of lesbian relationships during World War II, that’s because you’ve watched too much American TV. When Teresa the Bond Girl appeared on the scene, flirting with Betty and pursuing Betty and seducing Betty, we were just as shocked and giddy as Betty was. Teresa leaves Betty speechless, and together they leave us breathless. Betty wonders how it could happen so fast. Teresa says it seems to her like Betty’s been waiting an awfully long time. So have we, you two. So have we.

8. The Bomb Girls girls love their fans

The cast and crew live-tweet along during the show, answering fan questions and swooning over each other’s performances. Oh, and Ali Liebert loves her some McBond. (More food to come? She’s talking about strawberries. And sex.)

9. Bomb Girls is Feminist Heaven

Bomb Girls is one of the most empowering female-driven TV shows in the history of the space-time continuum. These writers are not afraid to put their ladies through the wringer (or string them up by their scalps), but they continue to triumph over their adversity by finding strength in one another. The heroes aren’t the women who are buttoned up and boxed in by the patriarchy; the heroes are the women who are in the trenches, fighting battles to embrace their sexuality, to knock down class barriers, to beat back oppressive religion and live a life of faith — all while building bombs to destroy Hitler.

10. The Mad Men comparison

You know how you wish Mad Men was all about Peggy Olson? Bomb Girls is like eight Peggy Olsons. And you know how Mad Men is about the slow march toward death? Well, Bomb Girls is about the beautiful dance of being alive.

Bomb Girls airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on Global TV. Watch it live. Let’s make season three happen!

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