6 TV Shows That Got Lesbian Sex Right

The L Word

We clown on The L Word an awful lot, and, honestly, the show really does deserve it. They dedicated an entire season to solving the mystery of Jenny Schecter’s death (without ever solving the mystery of Jenny Schecter’s death). And also, they killed our beloved Dana Fairbanks with impossible rapidcancer. But despite all that (and the talking manatees), The L Word gave us six seasons of sex we could believe in. All kinds of sex in all kinds of relationships with all kinds of accessories and also without accessories and sometimes in the daytime and sometimes in the nighttime and sometimes with kinks and sometimes with groups and sometimes with pregnancy and lots of times the sex was because of love but most of the time the sex was because of fun. And it was hot. Hot, hot, hot. All of it, hot. The L Word‘s legacy is a lot of things, but one of the most important things is hotness.

Lip Service

Like, The L Word, Lip Service was a full-on lesbian TV show. And also like The L Word, Lip Service wasn’t afraid to portray lesbian sex with an eye toward the actual lesbians in the audience. As opposed to side-stepping it due to conservative outrage or capitulating to the male gaze. (Also like TLW, it aired on the appropriate channel in the appropriate time-slot for naked sexual hijinks.) Whether it was sex with new love interests, or cheater-pants sex with ex-girlfriends, or bad sex they had to bail on, the ladies of Lip Service showed us sex that rang true to its gay lady audience. Except maybe the morgue sex. The morgue sex kind of freaked us out a little bit.

What show do you think gets lesbian sex the most right?

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