Where the heck is Diana from “White Collar”?


After some great character development at the end of last season, including Diana deciding to break up with her fiancee Christie, our beloved Agent Barrigan (played by Marsha Thomason) has been pretty absent from the show this season. She has had a few undercover gigs but her underuse left me wondering where the hell she is when she’s not flitting across the screen for a few seconds each episode. So where has she been?

1. U-Hauling, but not the kind you think.

After breaking up with her fiancee Diana had to change apartments which means dividing their stuff. She and Christie probably went fifteen rounds over the stupid, wagon wheel, Roy Rogers, garage sale, coffee table. Deciding who gets which pictures and CD’s takes time and effort.

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2. Setting Up Her Blog

After playing second fiddle to Neal for years Diana has decided to start blogging all her feeling on a blog called BromanceThirdWheel.com. How’s a lady agent supposed to get ahead when she’s constantly blocked by her devilishly charming criminal co-worker.

3. Central Perk

Those Friendsalways look like they are having so much fun, sitting around drinking coffee, living in apartments the could never afford.  Besides, Susan and Carol probably have some friends they could set her up with. If that doesn’t work out, Rachel did have that one time in college. Put on a coconut bra, Diana, and start pouring the Mai Tais.

4. Rebounding with Style

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You may have heard of The Dalloway. Diana sure has. Since freeing herself from the shackles of long term partnership Diana is footloose and fancy free in the city that never sleeps. Reports have circulated of Diana canoodling with a certain former Louisville cheerleader whose voice will make any (gay or Fabray) lady’s panties drop. Girl on fire, indeed.

5. Rosewood

When Pam Fields realized what a shit show the Rosewood Police Department is, she called her cousin Diana to come straighten some stuff out. Diana has been moonlighting but can’t make heads or tails of anything going on there. “Neal Caffrey is more forthcoming with the truth than these kids,” were her parting words.  She did however send at least a couple pink drinks at the Rosebud. What, a lady’s got to live?

All right, your turn. Where do you think Agent Barrigan has been hiding this season of White Collar?

The White Collar finale airs March 5 at 10 p.m. on USA.

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