“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “This is why we fight” (9.16)


 Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy “This is Why We Fight” was a real nail-biter.  (For me anyway.)

In the show’s last installment, Callie, Arizona, Meredith, Derek and Cristina (who I have dubbed the “dream team”) quit Seattle Grace and made a mad dash to try to buy the hospital. This week our dream team reveals they need a measly $175 million dollars to buy Seattle Grace Mercy West. (Hey, I’ll chip in 50 bucks!)

While they are keeping their plan hush-hush from everyone, the nurses at the hospital are jumping ship left and right. Even Bailey is heading out on job interviews. Owen convinces Bailey to stay by calling her the “heart” and “spirit” of the hospital. (Nice move, Owen!)

As Derek and the dream team scurry around trying to get investors, Dr. Cahill is wrapping up the new sale of the hospital. Pegasus has come back around and is now willing to purchase the hospital at a much lower price. The sale to Pegasus will be finalized by tomorrow at 8 am, so Calzona had better make some magic fast.

In other news, Tina Majorino’s intern Heather Brooks has an adorable new haircut this week. Thoughts?

Ok, back to the hospital. We find out that Pegasus doesn’t actually want to keep the hospital running. Instead, they plan to liquidate hospital assets and lay off the entire staff. (Hurry, Calzona, hurry!)

The rumor that the hospital will be sold for parts spreads fast, thanks to Heather (and her haircut) and now everyone is (understandably) freaking out. Intern Shane is nauseous, intern Stephanie wants to follow Jackson to whatever hospital he transfers to and intern Jo cries about the thought of never hanging out with Alex again.  (Don’t cry, Jo! I have a feeling Alex just won’t go away, like a case of herpes.)

With all the talk of the hospital closing, Avery’s mother Catherine (played by Debbie “Five. Six. Seven. Eight.” Allen) appears and reminds her son that he could work in Boston at the Harper Avery Foundation. Richard interjects that it’s too soon to give up on the hospital, “A man who does not bend to the winds of change is a man that you can be proud of.” Avery isn’t buying Richard’s speech and asks him what is really going on. Richard reveals that he believes our dream team has a plan in the works to rescue the hospital.

And indeed they do. Within a few hours our dream team has meeting after meeting with a slew of minions who work for a potential billionaire investor, let’s call him Richie Rich. The dream team is hoping to get a face-to-face meeting with Richie Rich himself and convince him to back their plan for Seattle Grace. Luckily, Richie Rich agrees to a quickie meeting with our dream team. Although, Richie Rich does appreciate the dream team’s idea, he’s not investing unless an experienced medical administrator signs on to the deal. (Paging Richard and Owen!)

Meredith races back to Seattle Grace to enlists Richard for their plan, while Cristina goes after Owen. Now Owen finally understands why his co-workers and on-again off-again ladylove walked away from the hospital. Owen believes if he tells the hospital board that they have another buyer waiting in the wings then it will once again delay Pegasus. Cristina isn’t so sure but Owen insists it will work.

With Richard on board Richie Rich is once again intrigued. He agrees to have a final meeting with the dream team as he boards his private helicopter. The catch is, the helicopter only has room for two of them. Derek and Richard hop aboard the helicopter and fly off and Callie says exactly what I’m thinking, “Not fair!” Seriously, why do the two dudes get to go? If you want to force someone to do something, then send in Cristina!

After all of the dream team’s efforts, their billionaire savoir passes on the deal because he “wasn’t feeling it.” Does that mean our Seattle based doctors are headed to the unemployment line?

Owen convinces the board to hold off on the sale and wait for the dream team, but Cristina delivers the sad news that their plan fell through.

It’s a gloomy night for our dream team. Meredith and Derek type up letters of recommendations for their interns, Callie and Arizona discuss moving and selling Mark’s old apartment and Richard lies in bed with Catherine and tells her he’s not ready to retire yet. Catherine inquires how much it will cost to buy the hospital and I know this woman has got a plan (and some bad-ass dance moves.)


The next morning, our dream team and Richard and Avery gather to hear a big announcement from Catherine. The Harper Avery Foundation has decided to buy the hospital. Everyone looks so relieved except for Avery, who doesn’t want his mother moving to Seattle and bossing him around. (I don’t blame him!) Then Catherine explains that she isn’t going to run the hospital. She wants Avery to run it. Her condition for buying the hospital is that Avery must sit on the board. Everyone in the room looks disappointed, including Avery.

Catherine brings the episode to a close with dramatic flair. “Now give mama a kiss, Jackson. She just bought you a hospital.”

What did you think of the episode? How much do you love Debbie Allen? Do you think Avery will be a good leader?

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