“Last Tango in Halifax” recap: We’re getting married! (Ep. 1)


Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you looking for a new British show to watch, full of sweeping misty landscapes and dark coffee shops and cobblestoned streets and the loveliest accents? Are you a fan of adorable old people? Do you like lesbians? Well then, Last Tango in Halifax might be for you!

Halifax, by the way, refers to the town in Yorkshire, England, and not the Nova Scotian variety. The six-episode series first ran on the BBC starting in November of 2012, and was recently picked up for a second season. The main plot surrounds the wonderfully sweet love story of two widowed souls, Alan and Celia, whom fate — or, uh, Facebook — has brought together many, many years after they first knew each as youth. And when I say “many,” I mean many as in 50 freaking years. Before finding each other on the FB, they hadn’t seen each other since 1953! They are old, y’all. But while they secretly loved each other way back then, time took them in different directions and into different marriages; Celia’s unhappy, Alan’s seemingly content, but perhaps without a great spark. When they meet once again in the first episode, now both alone (and old), they each slowly but surely reveal the feelings they used to have, which have never really left them, and yes, I’m going to get to the lesbian stuff soon, but seriously, these two are just precious!

The boy I like just messaged me back!

She said she’ll meet me for a coffee! OMG, what if I run out of things to say?

Alan and Celia also have another thing in common (other than loving the crap out of each other and both being adorable) in the fact that they’re both very much involved in the lives of their single-parent daughters.

The House of Celia:

Celia’s daughter, Caroline, is recently divorced from her cheating ex-husband, and in one of the first scenes, we see him coming to her fancy schmancy house to beg for forgiveness and have him back. She agrees that he can move back, but for now, they’re still sleeping in separate rooms. Take what you can get, cheating ex-husband.

Oh, the woman you ran off with is an alcoholic? How sad for you.

They have two amazing sons, one of whom is pumped about Dad being back and one of whom isn’t; I am obviously in love with the angsty older one who isn’t. Along with being angry, he always has his head in a book–the two normally go hand in hand as a teen — and he has the best hair and seriously, this boy has got to be gay.

I hate everything.

The House of Alan:

Alan’s daughter, Gillian, is yet another widow herself, with one teenage son. It seems her husband died in an accident during some adrenaline-rush thing like motocross (or something), an activity that her dead husband’s brother still loves and encourages her son to keep pursuing, because you know, he hates Gillian and wants to keep her blood pressure going. Gillian’s feisty, not afraid of holding back her feelings, and I am immediately in love with her too. I feel she has to be a lesbian. I mean, look at her car.

Pretty much a badass lesbianmobile.

Now lacking financial stability with her husband gone, Alan has moved in with her as she struggles to keep her farm running, while she juggles a job at a grocery store, as well. One of my favorite moments of the first episode is a series of alternating shots of Gillian and Caroline starting their work days, showcasing the clear juxtaposition between them. It seems Caroline is the headteacher at a hoity toity private school. She grandly walks up a cathedral-like hall to address the students. Gillian puts on her plastic name tag; walks up the neon-lit aisles.

Throwing some serious hot Hogwarts shade.

Sort of the same, except not really.

And while I don’t think this is where this show is taking this at all, I am already shipping these two so hard. The uptight, educated headmistress with the angry-yet-still-warm farmer/grocery store clerk! I am so into it!

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