“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Posing for a Calendar?”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Dawson’s big brother started to resemble a Cullen before he got himself shot, Clarice gave birth to a baby boy and their first baby present was a petition for custody from Clarice’s husband. Dude, next time, stick to the registry. Severide tried to contact Renee the First and Casey’s mom has got it going on but her parole is really cramping her dating style.

We pick up where we left off last episode with Dawson weeping over her brother who has been shot in the hospital parking lot. She spots an ambulance, puts on her speedy sneakers, and jumps in front of it. Ladies, for the love of my heart health, one of you already got hit by a truck, can we not jump in front of another? Thanks. They help her get Antonio into the hospital. For the first time in the history of the show a doctor acts like a doctor and tells Dawson she can’t come hang out in the OR while they fix her brother. What does she think this is, Grey’s Anatomy?

The nurse walks into the room of unconfirmed parental rights and hands the baby to Severide whom she mistakes for the kid’s dad. He’s awkward at first, he tries to put the nurse off before giving in and holding the baby. Shay and Clarice watch from the back but the baby works its magic on Severide and you can see the smile on his face inching wider, matching the way that baby is cracking open his heart, bit by bit.

Shay gets a message from Dawson and rushes downstairs to see what happened. This is why medical shows work so well, there can be 47 different kinds of crises happening at once and all in the same building. It’s one-stop drama shopping. Shay asks what happened and when Dawson can’t answer because her mouth won’t open to do anything but weep, she whispers “Awww, baby,” and shippers cast off and set sail. This is the most un-Dawson we’ve seen her, I think. She’s covered in blood, which isn’t new but it’s jarring because it’s her brother’s blood, and its on her fancy coat (which someone rightly pointed out is the same one Spencer wore on PLL) rather than her uniform. She’s like Vivian in Pretty Woman; she can’t deal with this shit when she’s not wearing her gear.

Casey returns to his house to find that his mom has made him breakfast and is ready to try to make nice. I like what the writers are doing, turning their relationship on its side, with Casey acting like the parent and the mom acting like a teenager. But teenager are the worst, so it’s hard to listen to Mama Casey be petulant and self-centered. They talk about how they have to be able to trust each other and because he’s kind of a dick (but not wrong for wanting to know) Casey flat out asks his mom why he killed his dad. I hereby nominate questions about why someone committed murder, or any other crime, for the Mount Rushmore of things you don’t talk about in polite company (joining religion, politics, and a woman’s age, obviously). Casey’s mom get mad, slams her giant coffee mug on the table (I could take a bath in that thing) and storms off in a huff and a cloud of “You always want to talk about how I murdered your dad, JEEZ!”

Mills is standing around with Dawson while Shay lingers off to the side. There’s something very familiar about this scene for the lesbians among us. Mills thinks that he and Dawson are in the closet. When he makes an awkward move toward her and freezes, Dawson nods to Shay and tells him “It’s fine, she knows.” Hey Mills, it gets better buddy. Some of us also had to keep score of who knew about us and our relationships. It’s hard, but think of it as the closeted lesbian’s secret weapon against Alzheimer’s, built-in mental gymnastics.

Because even though they are dating other people, Shawson is a real thing, Shay is going to go with Dawson to the hospital after their shift. No word from Mills whether he’ll go or not. He just springs away from Dawson at the sight of Casey, like I used to do back in the day. “What? No, we weren’t holding hands, what are you talking about?”

Dawson gets called into Chief Boden’s office to talk to a cop. He tries to tell her that her brother was going off the rails but this clown hasn’t met Gabriela “rules are for other people” Dawson. She straightens her spine, willing every last millimeter of height from it and looks the detective in the eye and tells him that her brother got shot and she doesn’t know him from a hole in the wall so why would she talk to him. He storms off because if there’s one thing he can’t stand it’s tiny women who hand him his ass. She promises the Chief she doesn’t know anything about what her brother was up to beyond the little he told her before getting shot. The Chief sizes her up and appears to believe her but honestly, after the crap she’s pulled, he probably never knows if she’s lying or not.

Severide is playing Angry Birds on his phone in the locker room when Eric Whaley walks in. Whaley hands Severide a peace offering/bribe of a key chain he got for opening a savings account (dude, go get the OED and look up bribe). He apologizes for being horrible to Severide and then asks him to help track down his sister. Severide pushes back. He says “From the first day you walked into your house, you treated me like a hired hand! The one night you get drunk, I’m supposed to roll over and thank my lucky stars? I’m sorry, I don’t downshift that fast!” But he grudgingly takes Renee’s number, or the digits her brother think belong to her.

In the house, Herrmann has a book for Shay on babies. It’s brand new and he tells her how great it is and how it’s got everything she needs to know. Without skipping a beat she thumbs through it and asks if it covers sleep training, he says he’s doesn’t know, he never read the thing.

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