“Glee” previews its big wedding episode, fans say “I Do”


This Thursday, Glee rolls out its most hotly anticipated episode of the season, “I Do.” It’s been nearly impossible to avoid leaked songs and spoilers for this episode, which means one thing. It’s going to be epic. Here is the preview, in cased you missed it last Thursday.


The whole New Directions gang, new and old, is back together to celebrate the nuptials of Emma Pilsbury and Will Schuester.

Doesn’t Emma look stunning, and also slightly pissed? What did Finn do now?

And then there are these three — what are your names again? Oh Marley, didn’t recognize you without the hat.

While Gleeks are surely looking forward to seeing Will and Emma finally tie the knot, we all know why fans really can’t wait until Thursday.

Quinntannnnnnnaaaa! If anyone objects to this union, well, just forever hold your peace.”

We aren’t exactly sure what the nature of Quinntana will be, but Ryan Murphy has stated on Twitter that they do indeed kiss. I’m popping the champagne as we speak.

This episode also promises some surprises, new romances and the rekindling of some beloved ships.  In this clip, the cast gives us the inside scoop.

Isn’t Jayma Mays all kinds of adorable in this clip?


Another very exciting thing about “I Do” is the appearance of special guest star, Ali Stroker, one of the finalists from The Glee Project.

Ali will be playing Emma’s niece Betty, and seen here having a little fun with Artie.

Ali officially opened up about her romance with fellow Glee Project cast mate Dani Shay in December, and the two appear together in the video for Dani’s song, “One.” Check it out. It’s wonderful

Overall, the feeling in the Glee fandom is very positive due largely in part to last weeks stellar episode, and I for one cannot wait to see how this one turns out. Will Twitter explode? Probably. Are you excited about “I Do”?

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