“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “The Face of Change” (9.14)


Grey’s Anatomy’s “The Face of Change” tells a powerful story of a transgender couple.

Meet the adorable Brian and Jess.

But first, the potential buyers from Pegasus arrive at hospital to get the grand tour of their soon-to-be new property. As Dr. Cahill acts like a realtor for the army of suits, Alex and Avery duke it out to be the new face of the hospital. Cristina’s mug was in the running but she took herself out of the competition. The “face” award ultimately goes to Derek so we’ll be seeing photos of him plastered all over the walls of Seattle Grace. (It could be worse. It could be April.)

Speaking of April, the Jesus-loving doctor sits in an ambulance with paramedic Matthew, having a G-rated day date. Then, April and her new beau get word of an accident involving a 10-year-old boy over the ambulance’s intercom.

April rides along with Matthew to the scene and when she arrives she realizes that the young patient doesn’t have much time left. April calls Avery at Seattle Grace and convinces him to secretly reopen the ER to tend to this patient. Almost the entire staff pulls together to save the patient’s life and directly disobey the hospital’s new protocol. Not surprisingly Dr. Cahill is pissed! But no real harm is done because patient survives, Owen refuses to reprimand any of the doctors and the investors have no clue what was going on the entire time they are touring the halls.

Callie is terrified at the thought of Seattle Grace being bought by the mega-company Pegasus. Richard hatches a plan and he and Callie take a road trip to the Pegasus owned Portland General hospital to take a look around and see what their lives will be like if Seattle Grace Mercy West is acquired. The two pose as a married couple named Julio and Calliope Plantain. Richard (aka Julio) pretends to be a patient with chest pains. He and Callie get taken into the hospital and are able to scope out the corporate environment and see first hand how these doctors are caring for their patients. Just like Mr. and Mrs. Plantain feared, the doctors are impersonal and are constantly watching the clock to make sure they are running on the hospital’s patient care schedule. (The doctors are only allowed to spend 15 minutes with each patient.) Not only are the patients suffering but so are the Portland General hospital’s doctors. The hospital staff reveals to Callie and Richard that they are bored, uninspired and are encouraged by Pegasus to not think for themselves. Now Callie really doesn’t want Seattle Grace to be purchased.

Meanwhile, Brian and Jess get ready for Brian’s top surgery.

These two are very much in love but, sadly, not everyone is supportive of them. Brian’s father shows up at the hospital and he’s on a mission to stop the surgery and reclaim his child’s gender. Jess and Alex try to explain to him that Brian is a man and is no longer his father’s little girl. The scene gets so out of hand that the police are called to calm the father down. After Brian’s successful surgery his father stops by and although he doesn’t wait for Brian to wake up he speaks to Jess. After Brian’s successful surgery his father stops by and although he doesn’t wait for Brian to wake up he speaks to Jessica and gives her a little money for their rent. (It was a bittersweet moment but I found it to be very realistic.)

Richard and Callie return to Seattle Grace and sit parked outside the hospital and stare at the building they love so much.

Richard says, “It’s funny how you don’t appreciate a thing until you’re about to lose it.” Callie retorts, “No, don’t say that. We can still fight this!”Richard reveals, “You can fight this. Me? I’ve got an early retirement package waiting. Maybe I’ll take it. Good night, Torres.”

Callie’s jaw drops but I’m actually surprised Richard hasn’t retired sooner.

In other (sexy) news, Jackson and Stephanie are going full force, April and Matthew have their first kiss (and it’s a doozie), Owen and Cristina are still “doing it” whenever they get a chance and Alex finally begins to look at intern Jo from his bathing suit area. (30 Rock fans will understand what I mean.)

At the end of the long day Callie gathers Derek, Meredith and Arizona on the roof of Seattle Grace makes a declaration (that I totally called weeks ago).

Callie says, “I called this meeting because we can’t just keep our heads down and lay low. We’re the reason the hospital is in trouble. We have to do something. We can’t let Pegasus take over. We have a responsibly which I why I think we should buy the hospital ourselves.” Derek, Meredith and Arizona look shocked and me and the audience at home think, “Yes, duh! You should buy the hospital!”

What did you think of this episode? Do you think the doctors should buy the hospital? Calzona Mercy West Hospital does have a nice ring to it!

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