“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.14): “Detail-oriented.”


Last time on Chicago Fire, Severide kissed Renee goodbye, Casey sprung mama from prison with his sad eyes and forgiveness for that time she murdered his dad, and Shay let Clarice know that nothing says “I love you” quite like bringing your wearable dead animal collection, pregnant belly, and a shit ton of baggage to stay.

Bi-corns, you are welcome.

The episode opens with one for the bi-corns among us, or, frankly ladies with eyes, because Severide has his shirt off and is flexing and bending his arms and shit as the doctor tells him exactly what to do. He’s got a neato scar on the back of his neck that girls are just going to love. What’s better than a bad boy with a heart of gold, who is an actual firefighter, and has a scar from that time he broke his neck? Look, he’s not exactly my bag of chips, darling, but I can see how it all works for him. Anyway, the doctors huddle in the hallway to chat about the shirtless wonder. It’s totally believable for enough doctors to field a soccer team is huddling to talk about Severide. Because doctors barely have time to eat but totally have time to chit chat about one guy. Right, unless that one dude is also conjoined to his twin and everyone is getting a free trip to Oprah out of the bargain, this doesn’t happen.

At Chez “Three and a baby on the way isn’t too crowded,” Shay’s pouring orange juice for Clarice (Mazel Tov on passing the sugar test, Clarice) and they are engaging in cute, morning behavior when Severide walks in from his appointment. He gives them the good news, he can come back to full duty for his next shift.

He hugs Shay, kisses Clarice on the top of her head and grabs a cup of coffee. He looks cockier than we’ve seen him in a while and he proves it by rubbing Clarice’s belly like she’s one of those bronze statues you rub for luck on the way to the exam you totally didn’t study for because you were busy making out with your girlfriend. Dude, hands off the belly.

Because she’s a solid friend Shay warns Severide that Eric Whaley is at the firehouse. Severide says it shouldn’t be a problem, but this genius also thought working as a firefighter with a broken neck and a serious drug problem was no biggie either.

Dawson is intent on doing her laundry and the more Shay talks about Clarice and the baby the more she concentrates on pouring laundry soap like she’s trying to dismantle a bomb or something. Shay notices but is in that second honeymoon that happens when you get back together with your now-pregnant by her husband ex who broke your heart and ruined your life. She’s working on some elaborate role playing scenario where she’s Idgie and Clarice is Ruth and she’s just rescued Clarice from Frank Bennett and they’re going to open a cafe and raise little Buddy Jr. together. Shay’s all I’m going to be step-mom of the year, what could possibly go wrong?

Girl, I’d look like that too if I was sleeping with Mills

“I knew it”

Shay asks Dawson to try to be supportive and Dawson blurts out that she’s sleeping with Mills. Shay shouts “I knew it” and hops up on the washer for some girl talk. She wants to know if Casey knows and if she’s going to tell him. Dawson says no, and would it be weird to tell him. She doesn’t answer whether she’s over him, merely brushes aside the question with a “the timing didn’t work” type answer. Hmmm.

Shay immediately asks how the sex is, as you do when you kind of wish you were the one having the sex with Dawson. Dawson tells her that it’s not just about the sex with Mills but that the boy is “detail oriented.” Shay is intrigued by Peter Mills and you can just see the gears turning as she ponders what details he orients when he’s, you know, detailing Dawson’s, oh you get it. She challenges Mills, via Dawson to a swagger off, with a husky “how detail oriented?” Shay we get it, you’re bananas in the sack, and we’re sorry Dawson doesn’t go for the whole pint-sized blonde thing you’ve got going on.

There girl talk is interrupted by a call out, per usual. It’s a car accident and the passenger’s name is Ambrosia. This of course has me picturing jello and marshmallows and the Minnesota accents of my summer vacations, dontcha know. But anyway. Ambrosia has been selling her marshmallows to all the fine gents of Chicago and seems a little out of it. Detective Shay finds track marks on her arm an instant before Ambrosia passes out. Turns out she’s the fifth person to overdose in a week.

Casey and his mom’s Pen Pal are standing in the rain. Rick has flowers for the soon to be paroled mom and they look like two high school guys who aren’t really friends waiting around for their prom dates. When Mama Casey appears they rush over. Rick gives her the flowers and then mercifully slithers away. Casey hugs her mom and they head back to his house.

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