“Lost Girl” Recap (3.04): Hush Now, Don’t Explain


Before we get started, grab your keys. Go to your car. Drive to the store. Buy a fan. Come home. Plug in the fan. Point it at yourself. Set it to high. Turn it on. Right, now you just might be able to handle the exquisite hotness of the opening scene between Lauren and Bo.

Fingers curl around bed posts. Heads are thrown back. Lips linger on stomachs. Legs intertwine each other. Bodies heave and clutch. Fingers grip hair. Wait, sorry, make that wet fingers. Wet fingers. Yeah, let it sink in. You’ll get there.

Bo and Lauren fall back against the bed, utterly spent. Sweaty, happy and exhausted. Let’s be honest, if you’re doing it right you’re always going to be exhausted. Exhausted and neglecting everything else. Like proper hydration and nourishment. Or organizing swabs and accepting formaldehyde deliveries. Bo wants a threepeat of their epic horizontal (and sometimes vertical) adventures, but releases Lauren to her million things long to-do list. Then she downs an energy bar because a succubus cannot live on super hot sex with her human girlfriend alone. Damn. We’re going to need a whole boatload of PowerBars.

Dyson and Tamsin are doing their cop thing and trying to help a delusional faux tight-walker. Tamsin thinks they should just let the human go splat so she can go on her hot date with Mr. Eight Pack. But Dyson smells Fae on the big dreamer, and three others before like him. Looks like we have ourselves a mystery to solve. Oh, and the tight-rope walker falls and makes a mess. Pity the clean-up crew working that shift.

But never mind the dead guy. Instead alert the military and arm the missiles, Bo is out of chocolate. Kenzi tries to distract her rummaging for a needed heart-to-heart. She has to tell her about something that had been bugging (and itching) her for months now. Bo rolls her eyes, thinking this will be another down with Hotpants diatribe. But the Kenzster cuts her short: She lurves her some Lauren ever since their science-y bonding session. Good, finally we can all agree that Lauren is very lurveable and – as Kenzi can attest from what I can assume are countless nights of wishing she had strong earplugs – super bangeable.

To keep her mind off just how bangeable Lauren – and anyone with a pulse apparently – is she agrees to help Dyson investigate the new-age clinic where all the deluded victims were patients. But mostly she just wants distraction because everyone – hot girls, hot boys – look good to a hungry Bo. Dyson notices and we notice Dyson noticing. And we don’t like it. Their sex life is awesome, Wolf Boy. Go pee on a fire hydrant. Also, Bo, eyes up front.

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