“Once Upon A Time” Femslash Ships: Assessing the Fleet


We’re a little past the halfway point of Season 2 of Once Upon a Time, and as we finish up the second hiatus in recent times, I thought we should take a quick roll call of the main femslash ships this magical show has given us so far.

I have rated each ship’s hotness on a scale of one to five ripped out hearts, picked my personal favorite moment the “couple” has shared, and took off my lesbian-colored glasses (aka my eyes) for a minute and tried to assess how plausible the ship was in terms of the actual scripted show (it was not fun, I don’t suggest doing it).

Ship name: SleepingWarrior

I’ll be honest: I shipped this from the moment Aurora laid her sleep-filled eyes on Mulan. I don’t know why — Aurora wasn’t even interesting for her first handful of episodes. But I’m glad I did, because I think one of the writers might ship them, too.

Hotness scale:   

Major obstacle: Phillip. While it’s still a little foggy as to which of the girls the prince loved more, it is becoming increasingly clear that they love each other. Aurora seems pretty locked onto the mission of saving him, but it’s going to be super awkward when she sees him again and realizes he doesn’t make her feel the way Mulan does.

Best moment in Season 2 so far: In a thinly veiled metaphor, Mulan had to rescue Aurora’s heart and then put it back in the Sleeping Beauty’s chest with her own hands. There was even adorably awkward “Have you ever done this before?” dialogue. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I legitimately thought they were going to kiss. Not hoped or willed it or anything. I actually thought it was actually going to happen. When it didn’t, I felt like MY heart had been ripped out.

Plausibility: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Which means: I honestly feel like if Once Upon A Time is going to go there with any of the existing characters, it will be with these two.

Ship name: RedSnow (aka SnowWolf)

True life: I ship Ruby with any female she interacts with (except Granny, of course). She is just so deliciously attractive, I really want her to have sweet lady kisses with someone so I can pretend it’s me. Is that weird? Yes? Er — moving on.

Hotness scale:    

Major obstacle: Another prince. Even if Snow DID run away with Ruby, Charming would find her. He always finds her. It’s creepy.

Best moment in Season 2 so far: In Fairytale Land, after Ruby’s mother ended up being a (very attractive) lunatic, Red and Snow wanted to run away and get a romantic cabin in the Enchanted Forest together. She said Snow was the first person to accept her for who she really was.

Plausibility: Highly unlikely. But still fun to look at.

Ship name: RedBeauty

From saving each other from awkward guys by way of “girls night” to introducing each other to new foods, these two are just the sweetest. And if two ladies could make babies, theirs would be absolutely stunning.

Hotness scale:     

Major obstacle: Gold. They keep trying to make Rumplestiltskin out to be the Beast in Beauty’s story, which is confusing because, not only does he have his own story, but he’s also Captain Hook’s crocodile. I personally feel like he should step aside and let Li’l Red take this one.

Best moment so far: When Belle was insisting that Ruby was not a monster and that she would accept her for who she was, but Red’s own self-loathing wouldn’t allow her to risk harming Belle, so she leaned in close and handcuffed Belle to a pipe. I half expected a Faith-esque kiss here before she went charging out into the night, but alas, we haven’t quite crossed that border yet.

Plausibility: Pretty darn plausible. I’m still convinced they could make this happen. I’ve seen some pretty convincing gif-sets on Tumblr in which Gold is actually Gaston and Ruby is more like the Beast. I’m on board.

And, to save the best for last…

Ship name: SwanQueen

Hotness scale:       

Major obstacle: Henry. Cora. EVERYONE. The whole damn world — nay, ALL THE WORLDS — seem pretty intent on keeping these two stunners apart. Between physically separating them (I’m talking cross-dimension distance here) and framing one for murder and even raising ex-boyfriends from the dead (literally and metaphorically), these two can’t seem to catch a break.

Sweetest or sexiest moment so far: When they, in the style of Willow and Tara, ignited a magical force just by touching with one another. It was a charged moment in which both of them silently realized they needed each other, even if they didn’t totally understand that they’re meant to be together. All in good time. Or at least in good fanfic.

Plausibility: This one is impossible to call. Lana Parrilla has said that she doesn’t play the character that way (meaning the fiery sexual chemistry is au naturale) but, being a supporter of the LGBT community, would be totally fine if the writers took it in that direction. As would we, Lana. As would we.

And I have it on good authority we’re about to meet a new female character, at least for one episode — I wonder if we’ll end up shipping her with anyone. (Let’s face it: If she has any interaction with Ruby, that’s who it’ll be.)

Which ship is your favorite? Tell us why in the comments!

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