Watch Now! Cara’s “extremely dramatic” ex-girlfriend visits the holler in “BUCKWILD”


In last night’s episode of BUCKWILD (MTV’s down south version of Jersey Shore), Cara’s ex-girlfriend, Sevgi, came to West Virginia for a visit. Cara fielded some dumb questions from her female friends about synched up periods and scissoring, and her male friends speculated about what this could mean for her male potential love interest, Shain. Shain figured Sevgi’s visit meant he had "two chances," but his friends weren’t so sure. Joey told him, "I know you’ve turned girls gay, but I don’t know about turning ’em back."

And the "who’s the man" question came up at around the 11:30 mark, in case you were wondering.

You can watch the episode in its entirety below. If BUCKWILD isn’t typically your cup of gravy, then skip ahead to about the 3:00 mark to get to the introduction of the Sevgi storyline.

Do you think this episode is a perverse form of progress in terms of lesbian/bi representation (especially for underrepresented queer Southerners) or just more of the same exploitative reality TV?

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