“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” recap (1.11): “I Like to Move It, Move It”


The episode starts with the remaining housemates leaving for Namibia, which by now everyone has learned is a country in Africa, not as Trishelle guessed was an animal or “state of mind.” The cast runs into their new house, and the first thing they do is break out the alcohol. “Cheers to Namibia!” exclaims Sam, as Brooklyn’s Sarah brings in a new clue from TJ: “Tomorrow is the last shot to make it to the final. Be ready to leave early. Good luck.”

Sarah tells us about the political dynamics of the house – San Diego, the strongest team, is fraternizing with Cancun, so the two teams have an alliance. Vegas will probably lose, and if Brooklyn doesn’t step up and win, they are going into the arena.

The next morning everyone meets TJ at a large ramp, on which lays a mat. An ATV lies nearby. “The big thing that comes out of my head is Steve-O and Jackass,” Sam remarks.

The challenge is called “Sling Shot.” Everyone laughs at the off camera cue to laugh, but really, they sound scared. Teams of four must designate two drivers and two jumpers, teams of two one driver and one jumper. Drivers must tow the jumper via the ATV and launch the jumper off the ramp into the water, where he or she must swim and ring and bell and swim back to shore.

Underdogs Las Vegas note that this challenge was borrowed from rednecks, and both Dustin and Trishelle proudly proclaim their redneck heritage and say that the challenge feels like home. Las Vegas and Brooklyn start out well, Cancun struggles a little and Ashley of San Diego misfires the ATV, sending Frank into the water with a limp belly flop. Womp womp. Sam then picks up the slack, sending Zach flying further than anyone else.

Las Vegas becomes the power team, and they send San Diego against Cancun in the arena. Sam tells us that she and Zach have survived the arena, so Ashley and Frank are going in.

Back at the house Sam and Zach good naturedly make fun of Frank’s failure to launch at the Sling Shot challenge, and Frank, because he is emotionally four years old, reacts as if Sam tried to steal his first born. (An aside: Frank, please don’t have kids.) About Sam, Frank says, “I just can’t be around dumb people who don’t deserve to shine my shoes.” Ashley rolls her eyes as Frank continues to talk shit about Sam, as does everyone else.

At the elimination challenge, the teams play Knot So Fast, a game that we have become familiar with this season. One team tangles a heavy rope around a metal structure, and the other team tries to untangle the other team’s knotted mess first. After an intense match that was mostly neck and neck San Diego ekes out a win. But this means Jonna and Zach must part ways. /Sadface

The final challenge is next week, and it involves jumping out of planes. One of the previews clips shows Frank shoving Sam into the sand. I don’t know, but I don’t know if 25% of $250,000 is enough an incentive to make me deal with Frank. More power to you, Sam.

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