Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s 10 gayest moments of 2012


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have long been two of the LGBT community’s favorite straight allies. Maybe it’s because they’re equal-opportunity piss-takers, calling out Democrats who don’t support same-sex rights with the same incredulous smirk they use to call out Republicans and Fox News. (There was a time when President Obama was really tight-lipped about same-sex marriage, remember.) Maybe it’s because they — Stewart, especially — have been parodying homophobes since before parodying homophobes was cool. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that satire is the best way to mock the ridiculousness of anti-gay people and politicians.

2012 was a really revolutionary year for gay Americans, but there was still plenty of bizarre anti-gay sentiment for Stewart and Colbert to report on. So take half an hour and enjoy their ten gayest moments of 2012. You won’t be sorry.

10) Stephen Colbert explains how homosexuals created Hurricane Isaac.

9) Jon Stewart wonders how long the Boy Scouts of America and Chick-Fil-A can hold out against gay people.

8) Stephen Colbert compares gay conversion therapy to curing left-handedness.

7) Jon Stewarts peeks inside Fast Feud Nation social media during the Chick-Fil-A Crisis.

6) Stephen Colbert examines the homosexual war on corporate America.

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