“The Glee Project”‘s Dani Shay and Ali Stroker announce their lesbian love in a new music video


2012 has been such a revolutionary year for LGBT people and for lesbian/bi visibility that the Sapphic gods decided to reward us with one more thing to make our hearts boom, boom before the New Year. Yesterday, AfterEllen’s favorite The Glee Project contestant, Dani Shay, released a music video for her new song, “One.” In it, she writes a ballad for a girl she’s fallen in love with, a girl who is shown throughout the video, but whose full identity is hidden from camera — right up until the end of the song when Dani’s “one” is revealed as fellow The Glee Project contestant Ali Stroker!


Because we are gifted with Gay Goggles, lesbians have a way of reading something into everything in the wide world of entertainment, so a super gay sleuth asked of Facebook if the video was for real or for giggles. And on her official blog, Ali responded:

I never expected to meet Dani and fall in love, and I especially never expected that I would want to share it with the world. Here I am. I couldn’t be more proud to share my love with all of you. No matter who you are. No matter what you think is or isn’t possible I am telling you that life’s surprises are the best gifts! I never thought I could have it all.

I don’t have any tears in my eyes because I’m a hopeless lesbian romantic, you have tears in your eyes because you’re a hopeless lesbian romantic. Shut up. Sniffle.

Now, if you’re keeping score at home: That’s two fictional lesbians making out more than Santana and Brittany ever did, and two real-life lesbians falling in real life love on The Glee Project. Thanks for not ruining every lesbian thing with your name attached to it, Glee.

Dani and Ali are teaming up with the band fun. and The Ally Coalition to use the song to spread a message of equality. Congratulations to the happy couple!

What do you think of the news that Dani and Ali are officially a couple?

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