2012 Visibility Award Nominations


In 2004, we started the Visibility Awards to honor the best lesbian and bi people, characters, events and moments of the year. In 2008, we started asking for readers to weigh in, helping us establish the winners based on your votes in several different categories. The cateogires have shifted some over the years, and this year we switched out a few “Worsts” to be able to include more praise for those who deserve it. Like “Best Tweeter.” That’s something we’re excited about adding, because the social media tool has become very important as well as entertaining in the last few years.

The competition also feels a lot stiffer than it used to. Back in 2004, The L Word was far and away the winner for favorite TV drama. There’s not a clear winner in that category any more, much less any of the others. That means we have a lot more visibility than we used to, and that’s something worth celebrating.

On December 8 we’ll announce the four to five nominees in each of the 20 categories listed below, and then ask our readers to vote to decide the winners. We have a pretty good idea of who we’d nominate for each category, but we want your input. We’re looking forward to seeing who you’ll pitch for the various categories. Please don’t let your favorites be overlooked!

(click on category to submit a nomination via comment)

Favorite TV Comedy

Favorite TV Drama

Favorite TV Actress

Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character

Favorite Fictional Lesbian Couple

Favorite Reality Series

Favorite Out Lesbian/Bi Reality Star

Best Movie

Favorite Movie Actress

Best Webseries

Hottest Hookup in Film/TV

Best Music Video

Best Book

Best Tweeter

Fave Out Lesbian/Bi Musician

Best Lesbian/Bi Ally

Best Lesbian/Bi Moment of 2012

Best Coming Out Story

Favorite Real Life Lesbian Couple

Out Lesbian/Bi Woman of the Year

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