“Lost Girl” teases with a trailer and our first Dr. Hotpants sighting


Lost Girl keeps leaving its loyal fans little bread crumbs to whet our collective appetites for the new season starting in January. The latest is a Bo-tastic teaser trailer and a Lauren-luscious promo photo. Yes, they totally deserve the faux word treatment.

The teaser trailer doesn’t give us much information on the new season. But it does set a somewhat sinister and moody tone what with Bo going all blue eyes and snarly, as well as hot in the sheets with a unidentified blonde lady (please let it be Zoie Palmer, please let it be Zoie Palmer).

The dark tone is in line with the season finale where Bo ended up on a somewhat sinister note. Will she be this new season’s big bad?

Then there’s our first confirmed sighting of Zoie, with Showcase’s release of a Lauren picture. It was the third image posted (after ones of Bo and Kenzi) for the upcoming Season 3. Fans were asked to vote on whether they wanted a picture of “Dr. Lauren” or “Formal Lauren.” Formal won in a landslide. I mean, we all love the lab coat. But we love it even more when the good doctor takes off the lab coat. Ahem.

Premiere dates have been set for Canada (Jan. 6 on Showcase) and the United States (Jan. 14 on Syfy). So now we can just sit and wait and hope for more tasty crumbs.

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