“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Second Opinion” (Episode 9.6)


In last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, “Second Opinion,” my two favorite ladies return to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital — Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Arizona Robbins. That’s right — Arizona is back!

And here’s a random tidbit, actress Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey) directed this episode so please send all your comments and questions her way.

With the return of Cristina, Meredith plays nursemaid to her “soul mate.” After the initial sulking at her firehouse home Cristina slips right back in at the hospital. Although Owen doesn’t seem eager to welcome her back as he hands her hospital welcome packet rather than giving her a hug. (Aren’t these two still legally married?) Now back in the saddle Cristina starts bossing the interns around and refuses to remember their names. She refers to them as the dwarf characters from Snow White, except for Napoleon Dynamite‘s Tina Majorino, whom she calls Mousey.

Cristina meets the new chief of cardio, Dr. Jeff Russell, and lucky for her he lets her do whatever she wants. (Score!) Since Dr. Russell is busy with another surgery Cristina has to tend to a risky operation without his approval. Owen acts like this event could result in Cristina being fired, but when Dr. Russell finds out he just commends her work and praises Owen for pushing to get Cristina back at Seattle Grace. (I knew Owen’s coldness was just an act.)

April and Avery are still doing it but after each time April spews regret and mentions Jesus’s name a bunch of times. (I’m bored with this storyline. Aren’t you?)

Avery also has to deal with the drama of intercepting his mother and Richard’s sexting messages/emails. These two elderly lovebirds keep accidentally sending their risque messages to Avery rather than each other. (Thank God my mother doesn’t text.)

Alex is buying Meredith childhood house but insists she make some renovations on the place before the deal in finalized. After fighting back and forth the entire episode Meredith reveals that marks throughout the house are sentimental. The lines on the walls show Zola’s height growth (and baby Meredith’s). Alex agrees to take the house as is and they shake on it. Finally a place all for himself. Not so fast, Cristina shows up and wants to rent a room. Without much resistance Alex agrees as long as Cristina buys the toilet paper. (So wait, if Alex lived alone he wasn’t going to wipe himself? Straight dudes are gross!)

In my favorite storyline of the night Callie tells Bailey that Arizona won’t leave the house so Bailey hatches a plan to get Arizona back to her old self.

Bailey calls Arizona up, pretends she has a case that she can’t figure out and asks for her help. At first Arizona resists but then she agrees to look over the chart which Bailey is having delivered to her house. The trick is, Bailey doesn’t have the chart delivered which makes Arizona get up, put on her prosthetic leg and track down the chart. To Bailey and Callie’s surprise, Arizona shows up at the hospital eager to look at the chart and figure out what’s going on with Bailey’s patient. (Our baby is back!)

Last but not least the lawyers return to continue the plane crash legal saga. The victims and Callie (who is acting as Arizona’s representative) have to continue to relive their traumatic incident. Callie feels coerced by their lawyers to say on the record that Derek will never be able to operate again with his injured hand. If that is the case, it will potentially increase the settlement in favor of the victims. But before the episode is over Callie recants her statement and says she’s not giving up on Derek’s healing and there is more she can do and wants to do to help him.

Callie reassures Derek, “We haven’t tried everything. You shouldn’t give up until we do.”

In the end the lawyers reveal to Cristina, Derek, Callie and Meredith that they aren’t going after financial compensation from the plane company and/or pilot (who is now paralyzed) but instead the are looking to go after Seattle Grace Hospital, since they were assigned by the hospital to board the plane in the first place.

The doctors look out through the boardroom’s window and see Owen who is unknowingly flipping through a chart. It’s assumed that Owen would be the person who takes the fall if Seattle Grace Mercy West is responsible. (That’s going to be a lot of paperwork.)

What did you think of this week’s episode? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most) how excited are you to see Arizona back at the hospital?

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