“Once Upon a Time” recap (2.7): “Child of the Moon”


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Li’l Red ate her boyfriend, Emma and Snow got sucked into a Magic Hat and King George hated Prince Charming a whole lot.

We open in the coal mines where the dwarves are hi-hoing away. Grumpy is being grumpy, but his stubbornness earns him a trip through the mine wall…where he finds magic diamonds. The woman formerly known as the blue fairy is called in and confirms that the diamonds would make enough fairy dust to make the hat work again.

To celebrate they go drinking at Granny’s. Ruby is approached by a gentleman who introduces himself as Gus, the mouse from Cinderella. However, in a beautiful turn of events, Ruby blows him off for Belle. Belle puts her arm around Ruby’s tiny perfect waist and everything!

Okay, so it seems more likely that she blew him off because she doesn’t want to wolf out and nom on him like she did her last boyfriend, but still.

At the other end of the diner, Henry is drinking coffee to stave off nightmares and Grandpa is saying he’ll protect him. Henry bops off to exchange his cup of joe for a hot cocoa when King George arrives. He’s still pretty bitter about, well, everything. It becomes clear that he’ll be bad news for the shepherd prince.

Ruby and Granny are building a cage to keep Ruby from wolfing out for the first time in years, since they can’t seem to find her riding hood. Charming and Granny would have let her run free because they trust those stunning eyes of hers, but the poor girl doesn’t want to risk it.

Flash back to the pre-cursed forest, where two pretty girls, one in a red cape and one in a white one, run through the woods, away from the angry mob, wanted for different reasons. Red says they can split up, that it might be safer that way.

Snow is being her usual kind, understanding self and Red doesn’t get why. After all, she saw her eat her boyfriend like he was a big mac. Snow said they’re in this together and my goodness I ship it. She agrees to let Red hide for the night as long as she promises to meet in the morning. Red runs off, but there’s a he-wolf lurking in the shadows.

Henry is having his nightmare again, but this time we see it. It looks like a fiery chess board, and Regina was there to comfort him when he woke. He had a real burn on his hand from his dream, which concerned Regina enough to take him to Gold. While mixing some kind of potion-on-a-chain, Gold is talking about the side-effects of a sleeping spell, but Regina is wearing a vest so I wasn’t really paying much attention.

The gist of Gold’s speech was one that applies to more than just Henry. “Once one controls something, one no longer need fear it.” Then Gold gives Henry the necklace to sleep in, which is the most dangerous thing they’ve done since putting a candle and a box of matches by his bedside.

The reason Regina was there was because Grandpa was called away. Ruby had escaped and she is so terrified she might have hurt someone it’s heartbreaking. Charming might be useless sometimes, but I have to admit, his reassuring voice is really reassuring.

In the days of yore, the he-wolf stole Red’s hooded cloak one morning. He-wolf is no Stark, because he is rude, but for some reason, Ruby trusts the stranger with glowing eyes and goes into his underground lair. Down below is a whole colony of wolves. Dr. Sullivan Anita was expecting her to arrive because she’s not only queen of the wolves, but Li’l Red’s wolf-mother. She says Ruby doesn’t need to hide her wolf, but can learn to control it. She seems lovely, but she might be too pretty to be trusted.

Back in Storybrooke, Granny and David are following Ruby to the crime scene. She says she smells blood and they find good ol’ Billy lying beside his truck…and also in the dumpster.

Ruby is convinced she killed Gus-Gus, but Charming is not so sure. She begs him to lock her up for the night and it might have sounded more kinky if she didn’t look so utterly devastated.

David locks Ruby up in a jail cell for the night, per her request, but he’s still convinced she didn’t kill Billy. King George thinks otherwise, and calls Ruby a she-wolf like it’s a bad thing. He’s determined to have her head for Billy Gus’s death, but Charming has no one else to defend, so he’s taking the she-wolf’s side on this one. Ruby sits in her cell all sexily and she might be bad, but she’s perfectly good at it.

Back in time, Red finally learns to control her CGI wolf and remembers everything that happened over the course of the night, instead of blacking out like she had before.

Present-day, Georgie Porgie is outside the jail, Gastoning townspeople into an angry mob. He wants to kill poor, sweet Ruby and tries to pin Billy’s death on David. Luckily, Charming had the foresight to switch Red’s location – looks like he’s starting to think for himself more the longer Snow is gone. Of course, they decide to hide Ruby at her girlfriend’s in the library. Belle is very understanding, even though Red’s still being rather hard on herself.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow stumbles across the wolves’ den. Quinn the he-wolf attacks her, but Li’l Red begs for her release. When Mama Wolf gives the same order, he lets her go, and Red is apologetic.

Snow wants to run off with Red and have a cabin in the woods just the two of them. I don’t know how one could turn down such a romantic gesture, but Red chooses the pack instead. Snow is understanding as always.

Suddenly, he-wolf Quinn is killed by an arrow and the den is swarmed by knights looking for Snow. Mama Wolf is not pleased.

Present-day Ruby is still terrified of herself, but Belle believes she’s good deep down. Just like she saw good in Rumpelstiltskin, she sees the best in Ruby. But even Belle’s accent can’t convince Ruby, so she chains her up and goes on a suicide mission.

While Charming and Granny are searching for evidence, Granny says “Who would want to hurt my Ruby?” like the good Molly Weasley she is and they realize it’s the king’s car that holds the weapons that really killed Billy.

Way back when, Mama Wolf orders Red pack to tie Snow White up so that they can “feast on a princess” (wanky) and then tells Red to kill her, but she won’t because loyalty is important, dammit.

Ruby wrastles Mama Wolf onto a spike. Snow throws the red riding hood over her and she becomes human again. Mama Wolf did not survive the impalement, so Red has accidentally killed once again.

In Storybrooke, the angry mob is following the sound of Ruby’s howls. They have literal torches and pitchforks. Where did they even get torches? No matter, Granny has her fire-arrows and is keeping them at bay until the prince arrives.

Charming once again lives up to his name and talks down Ruby’s wolf until he can get close enough to throw her cloak over her. Unfortunately, she’s not naked when she becomes human again, but she is grateful. George runs away and lures Ruby and David to a fire he is creepily standing by. Somehow he got his grubby hands on the Magic Hat and nonchalantly tosses it into the flames. Charming and Ruby are devastated, because they both have people they love in the other realm.

We flash back to see just how much Red loved Snow, because as they are burying Mama Wolf, Red thanks Snow for loving her just the way she is, human AND wolf. Snow says “let’s go find that cabin” in a way that suggests they’re not going to need a fire to keep warm.

David is having a hard time coping with the loss of the magic hat, but Ruby knows he won’t give up. She tells him that someone should probably unchain Belle, but for now, she has some wolf-romping to do.

Meanwhile, Snow White is in the Enchanted Forest, staring at the full moon, probably reminiscing those long nights in the cabin with Ruby, when Emma interrupts and says Mulan might know where Cora is. As the scurry by, Aurora wakes up screaming. She had the nightmare from before, but this time the eyes on the other side of the room put out the fire. He was a little boy…and he said his name was Henry.

What did you think of “Child of the Moon”?

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