“Girl Meets World” and other pop culture happy endings we’d like to see


It was announced this past weekend that a TV series sequel to Boy Meets World is in the works — yes, that Boy Meets World —which will star Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as forever-sweethearts Cory and Topanga, with the real starring role being their pre-teen daughter. It’s being produced by Disney, with the logical title of Girl Meets World.

This is obviously exciting news for the Raised By TGIF generation. Admit it, you still smile when that random Boy Meets World gif shows up on your Tumblr. But this type of news is really exciting for all of us, even beyond the obvious boy/girl-meeting-the-world paradigm shift. (Let’s also hope that Disney has the ability to create a complex, realistic pre-teen girl this time around.) It shows that TV shows that we never, ever, ever thought we’d get back together with can be resurrected out of nowhere! Characters we never thought we’d see again can still live! And even more than that, it proves that all those happy endings we perhaps invested too much faith and hope towards believing in can be true. Yes, those sweethearts we grew so attached to via our TVs or the silver screen DO live happily ever after! Goodbye, cynicism! Hello, TV couples from the ’90s still together and raising children!

I do have to admit that Topanga often irked me a little, and I always wished we could just have more time with Rider Strong. Accordingly, this news made me think about which favorite TV and/or movie females from my past I really would like to see living out their own happy endings.

Angela Chase and Brian Krakow

Speaking of the ’90s and realistic portrayals of young girls, we all know that there is nothing as bittersweetly perfect as that one legendary season of My So-Called Life. But come on, even though he made us swoon and Angela’s heartache over him was all too relatable, Jordan Catalano was never good enough for her. And anyway, he’s too busy being a rockstar now to be a good dad. But in my perfect future, Angela realizes that Brian Krakow’s love for her is pure and true. Like all high school geeks, Brian has also grown up to be successful and rich while still holding onto a slightly quirky side, the perfect dad for Angela’s babies, who I picture all coming out of the womb with curly, crimson red fros.

Rach and Luce

With all the Imagine Me and You talk from our Greatest Lesbian Movies poll (vote now!), thinking about the amazing babies this pair could raise is irresistible. Our own Lucy Hallowell recently re-watched the movie and says it better than I could: “Rach’s mom is insane about babies, H would make an hilarious and young aunt, and Luce’s mom would be the cutest little doting granny.” Right? I want to crash their house at Thanksgiving.

Daria and Jane

Daria realizes that Trent is a sweet but lost cause, and while she and Jane never become lovers, they move in together for life and decide to raise a daughter who they can teach to screw over the patriarchy and listen to really rad music. While Jane dabbles in bisexual open relationships throughout her life, Daria falls in love once or twice but is mainly satisfied with giving her daughter all the best books to read and writing her constant notes to skip gym class and encouraging her to argue with her teachers. Their daughter eventually becomes President of the United States.

Shane and Carmen/Aunt Alice

Shane sits down after Jenny’s death to take a hard look at her life and realizes the only person she ever she truly loved was Carmen, and she embarks on a hallowed, romantic mission to find her. Once she does, they get married for real this time on the beach with an afterparty at her salon, and they eventually raise a horde of gorgeous half-Latina punk rockstars. They occasionally need to take weekends away for lots of sex, so Aunt Alice, who is obviously also the godmother, helps out with the kids and is the best damn Aunt you ever did see.

Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper

Any talk of a Savage brother always leads me to the best Savage of them all, Fred as Kevin Arnold as The Wonder Years. Now, Kevin and Winnie ended in a gut-wrenching type of way, with Winnie leaving for art school in Paris and her and Kevin writing each other every week. But by the time Winnie finally arrives back in the States, Kevin already has a different wife and a kid. “Like I said,” that earnest voice-over tells us, “things never turn out exactly the way you plan them.” Well, The Wonder Years, I am here to tell you that while this may be exceedingly true, I still call bullshit. This is TV and TV is supposed to give me my dreams. So in my dreams, Kevin stops being such a jerk and stays with Winnie Cooper forever and ever and they have lots of wholesome happy children and they die on the same day in their sleep in their ’90s the end.

Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow

The TGIF flashbacks that the Girl Meets World news created in my head made me remember that time that Urkel became Stefan Urquelle and Laura finally fell in love with him because he was so smooth instead of being dorky and what kind of crap was that? But eventually Laura realized that Steve was who she really loved and Stefan never appears again. Urkel and Laura have a huge wedding and soon give birth to a daughter, who grows up to be the smartest and sassiest lesbian on the block. She wins all the science fairs while simultaneously stealing her dad’s suspenders and flannel shirts to create the hippest lesbian chic of her time. Both of her parents are never anything but proud of her.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers would never bring a child into this sick, sad world who could have any remote chance of becoming a slayer. And anyway, she already fulfilled her parenting stint with Dawn. Hasn’t she done enough? Not every woman has to be a mother, you know. With the death of Sunnydale and a legion of slayers to help take care of the world, Buffy Summers now spends the rest of her life doing whatever the hell she wants.

This is obviously an extremely incomplete list. What couples or ladies did I miss? Whose futures do you enjoy envisioning?

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