“Chicago Fire” recap (1.4): “Hello, Clarice”


Previously on Chicago Fire Severide went down a rabbit hole to try to save an old dude who instead gave him a Joni Mitchell CD to so he could continue his “emotional education.” Dawson continues to pine for Lt. Casey which her brother supports by singing a round of “Dawson and Casey sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Severide got yelled at by the dad of the engaged office lady who seduced him in the equipment room, while humming this song, because she learned how to keep it classy from the cast of The Jersey Shore.

Our favorite lesbian paramedic continues to be awesome, shagging Miss Alabama, making the world a better place with her toned ass, investigating cases of missing yogurt, activating the lesbian bat signal to help her injured roomie, and rocking the shit out of her uniform. Lt. Casey continues on toward becoming America’s Next Top Firefighter by facing down the week’s challenge: a confrontation with a dangerous, dirty cop who tries to intimidate Matty into changing his story. Casey’s been paying attention to what Tyra has been trying to teach them, so he tooches, smizes, and tells dirty cop to go to hell.

The episode opens with the reason we watch, Shawson. I am over shipping these two, not that they don’t have lingering glances and more touching than is strictly necessary, but this episode proved that these two are friends in a way we don’t often get to see ladies be friends on television. They are, for lack of a better word, bros. It only seems natural that we start with Dawson giving Shay crap for not calling some girl back. We get a U-Haul joke and quip about Shay’s commitment issues before Shay shuts the conversation down by channeling Baby “I carried a watermelon” Houseman and lugs an immense pumpkin into the firehouse.

Dawson hides some Halloween candy from the boys and does some mild flirting with Candidate Peter Mills over the use of cooking spices. These two are cute but really, a bay leaf is going to get you laid? Before we can ponder that little bit of absurdity they crew is called out to a warehouse fire. Here is the big disaster of the week. An abandoned warehouse is on fire, the team rescues a few squatters but the Chief calls everyone out before Candidate Peter Mills can rescue one person left inside. He argues with the Chief outside before the place blows up and some bystanders catch the whole thing on their phones.

The next day the victim’s brother is on the television playing the phone footage and talking about how if his brother were rich he would have been saved.

There is a lot of nonsense around this story involving the Chief, Mills who feels bad for not saving the guy, and a city attorney who looks like one of my first year law school professors. In the end the city settles, the Chief’s job is safe, and Mills gets a pat on the back from the Chief.

Casey’s still thinking about testifying at the hearing for Det. Voight’s son. In a shocking turn of events his car is vandalized and a bag is stolen, right in front of the firehouse. Gasp! Voight shows up later with some kid in the back of his car saying he magically caught the guy and found Casey’s bag which is a little heavier than when it was stolen because of the wad of cash Voight slipped in.

Casey doesn’t take the money, and they stare at each other, paw the ground, and flare their nostrils like the bulls in The Story of Ferdinand. Things escalate at the end of the episode when Hallie’s car is also vandalized. Hallie’s confused about why it’s such a big deal because Lt. Casey spends all his time talking about this issue with Dawson and not his fiancée.

I’m torn between worrying about your impending murder and celebrating that you talk to me instead of Hallie.

Mostly I’m surprised Hallie’s actually at work because she has the most ridiculously cushy residency schedule of any doctor I have ever met. I am looking into transferring my wife to Hallie’s hospital because her current residency does not allow for off-site lunches, mid-day runs, or quickies in the firehouse.

How could I not include a shot of Shawson in their matching costumes?

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