“The Glee Project” Recap (2.04): “Sexuality”


This week on The Glee Project, Aylin sums up all of our feelings about the theme: “I am ecstatic about it being sexuality week.” Can I get a what whaaaat?

OK, so Aylin is ecstatic; I am ecstatic; I’m sure many of you are also ecstatic in suspense of who this week’s guest mentor is. But we quickly find out who, in fact, is not ecstatic: Nellie. Nellie is nervous. She bluntly tells the camera that she has never had sex. That she has, in fact, never even seen a dude naked. This is so adorable and honest that I just want to reach through my TV screen and ruffle her hair.

Although dear Nellie, is there a reason you’ve never seen a dude naked? Maybe you actually just want to see ladies naked? Or just everybody naked? Hmm? Come on, we need something to play with here.

Some brief hilarity ensues as the contestants discuss their own sexy ways as they start to practice for this week’s homework song, “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd. I did wonder how many of these youngins had even heard of Color Me Badd before it came out of Robert’s mouth, but they faked their excitement for the song pretty well.

The tone does shift slightly down from this giddy atmosphere when Tyler reveals his doubt about being completely comfortable with this week’s theme. As he explains, at such an early stage in his transition being completely in tune with his sexuality is something that is still developing within himself, something he’s still getting to know. While this is the journey for almost all of us and our sexuality, it seems that for him, and perhaps for other transgender individuals, they are forced to have to play a type of catch up when they finally get to transition. And playing catch up in a game where the playing field is so rocky anyway doesn’t seem quite fair.

Regardless, we soon arrive in the gym. The kids prepare themselves for the guest mentor to walk out. The door opens. There are pom-pons. Yes! Yes! I am so ready! Here she is! Finally! Naaaaaayyyyyaaaa! Blind Mario makes the quip, “She’s so sexy, even I can see it.” Well played, Mario.

Naya tells the contestants that the key to sexuality is confidence. Or as, ahem, she corrects herself to clarify, it’s not sexuality, but sensuality you need to convey. Naya, say “sensuality” on my TV just a few more times. Please?

As Naya gives her “all about confidence” line, the Glee Project film editors expertly cut to Nellie nervously touching her brow and looking markedly uncomfortable while all the other contestants are all smiles. Oh, Nellie. I need you to gain confidence pronto so you can kick ass in this homework assignment and win Naya over so you can get one on one time with her and we can watch you squirm awkwardly the whole time while she talks to you about sexuality. Because that sounds like a dream.

I must say that I was really pleasantly surprised by the performance of “I Want to Sex You Up.” They all really sexed it up! They sounded great and were giving sultry glares left and right and they were all, like, touching each other! A lot! Naya and Robert could hardly handle themselves during the whole thing:

And yes, this last screencap is the best screencap ever.

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