“Bunheads” mini-cap: “Inherit the Wind” (1.03)


Whatever you think of Bunheads, you have to admit that this week brings one of the most ingenious funeral-or-potluck dishes ever: Taco in a Bag. You have a bowl with taco fixings and just scoop them into a bag of tortilla chips. (I admire Amy Sherman-Palladino‘s restraint for not having Michelle say “all that and a bag of chips.” She didn’t, did she?)

Anyway, after last week’s news that Hubbell left everything to his “bride of 5 minutes,” Michelle, we hear the details from the lawyer. Apparently, Hubbell’s one dream in life was to be married and he just couldn’t wait to share his worldly possessions on paper with the wife. And he has a lot of worldly possessions. The shoe business must be more lucrative than I thought.

Fanny is pissed and hurt, of course, and takes it out on Michelle since Hubbell isn’t around to yell at. Michelle does everything she can to let Fanny know that she’s not getting displaced, but Fanny is so good at passive aggressive comments that we don’t really care that she doesn’t believe it.

The bunheads, meanwhile, are taking pictures of their feet. I have to tell you, I am sitting in an auto repair waiting room writing this and a lady is telling her friend about her coming foot surgery and — I swear this is true — she just took off her shoe to show her bunions. I must be living in some alternate universe where people prefer to hide foot grossness. That universe does not include Paradise, though. Fanny’s students are taking pictures of their multitudinous foot injuries for an ugly foot contest with other ballet schools. As Michelle observes, the grosser the feet, the better the dance studio. (Fanny’s girls won, btw.)

Vivian Zink/ABC Family

Last week, I completely missed the little hints of gay from Ginny. But she sure seems to have an extra-special affection for Boo (as do we all). She gives her a special little pink bun snood (great word) for the Joffrey auditions.

Boo, however, has a crush on Melanie’s brother Charlie, who’s at ballet class waiting for sis. Mean Sasha takes the opportunity to embarrass Boo in front of Charlie, outraging Melanie and Ginny, who suggest a slumber party.

Ginny (hugging Boo hard): If you come, it will be a real sleepover party instead of email sleeping together. That didn’t sound right.
Melanie: It sounded like “You are my lovah.”
Ginny: I am not her lovah!
Boo: [mumble]

It looked more gay on TV than it does on paper.

After class, we discover a reason why Sasha is a mean girl – she’s being raised by a mean mom. While Boo’s mom laughs with her daughter about a new recipe that smells like dead feet (note the foot theme this week), Sasha’s mom seems to wish she didn’t have a daughter. Between that and her closeted gay dad, no wonder Sasha’s bitter.

Other stuff happens — Lorelai Michelle breaks down in Hubbell’s immaculately rebuilt classic Mustang on a private road that belongs to Grant, a very attractive, very wealthy single man who probably will turn out to be a romantic interest. Then Michelle discovers a charming guesthouse on Hubbell’s property that she falls in love with, despite the bathtub in the middle of the room. She will live there and let Fanny live with all her scary tchotchkes in the big house. That and a bottle of wine are how she makes this week’s temporary peace with her mom-in-law. You see how happy it makes Fanny.

Random ASP moments:

When Grant invites Michelle in: “You have a very big door.” “That’s what all the ladies say.”

Sasha’s mom: “You would not believe my day. Harrowing — The Poseidon Adventure and I’m Shelly Winters.”

Michelle viewing the nude beach: “It’s like two miles of Dali paintings walking around free.”

Michelle about what working with Barry Manilow is like: “I mean, how many times can you hear ‘Copacabana’ without totally siding with Rico?”

Ginny’s mom Claire, meeting Michelle: “The day I lost my husband was the worst day of my life. Of course, I lost him to the divorcee in jeggings across the street and not in a car accident. But still, it hurt.”

Michelle, about inheriting seven acres: “I’ve never owned anything. I still have a leather jacket on layaway at the Forum Shops.”

I love this show. What about you? Thoughts on this week’s Bunheads?

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