“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.03): When zombie boners attack!


Maura is unveiling a very special present in the police station lobby. No, get your heads out of the gutter. Not that special of a present. Plus she only does that for Jane, and in private. Instead she’s unveiling an original, um uh – let’s just call it a sculpture. Jane astutely notes that the piece looks like “a decomposing Pinto.” Well, she’s not wrong.

Jane says for the money she spent on her piece she could have bought a Ted Williams original. Maura says she doesn’t know that artist. Just in case you didn’t know these characters already, here is a reminder, folks. Meet Det. Jane Rizzoli. Likes: Baseball, beer and Dr. Maura Isles. Meet Dr. Maura Isles. Likes: decomposing Pinto art, wine and Det. Jane Rizzoli.

Jane gets saved by the bell, or more like her vibrating cellphone, and they’re off on a case. But not before Maura gives her hand a little slap for spinning a, um uh – I’ll go with fan on the Pinto piece, and gets scolded, “Don’t touch!” So what does Jane do next? Touches it, three times, on purpose. I kind of love it when Jane turns into a disobedient 6 year old.

On the way to the scene of a homeless Iraq War veteran who was murdered, Jane and Maura bicker over graffiti. Is it powerful street art or felony vandalism? Frost is busy with an artist who heard the commotion in his alley. It’s actually his powerful street art/felony vandalism, he says. Jane is less than impressed with this wannabe Bansky and threatens to arrest him if she catches him putting up his posters.

Just then Rondo, her homeless confidential informant, comes running up. Aw, I kind of missed him. Though mostly I missed the way he calls her “Vanilla.” He leads her to another homeless vet who says he saw the killer. But he’s pretty wacked out and gives them a synthesizer keyboard filled with “classified intel” instead. Jane gives Rondo his CI cash and Rondo gives it to the vet. See, I told you there was a reason I missed Rondo.

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