10 Fictional Kids That Tried to Ruin Our Lives

Adam Sandler, The Worst of All the Things

When he was in elementary school, Adam Sandler made a couple of really cute movies: Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer. But then he got to middle school and just went off the rails with his drunken Peter Pan obnoxiousness. Zohan, Jack and Jill, and what the hell is That’s my Bro—I’m sorry, what? Adam Sandler is a real-life grown-ass man? Oh. OK. My mistake.

Terri Schuester’s Fake Baby, Glee

Terri Scuester’s fake pregnancy became the litmus test by which Glee writers measured every other storyline. “Will the audience sit through this shit?” they asked themselves. “Of course they will; they sat through Terri’s fake baby,” they answered themselves. Will Schuester would father the worst imaginary fetus in the history of the world.

Stephanie Tanner, Full House

A lot of people think Olivia from The Cosby Show was the most annoying sitcom child of the ’80s. But no, my friends. It was Stephanie Tanner. She took that black sheep middle child thing to a whole new dimension, making even Jan Brady look well adjusted and un-annoying. How rude!

Who do you think are the most life-ruining fictional children ever?

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