Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.09) – “Are Those Feathers?”


In the aftermath of Gloria and Eddie being fired, the All Saints ER staff is in distress. When another hospital diverts its patient to All Saints, distress turns into chaos. But this is the penultimate episode of Nurse Jackie Season 4, so what else would we expect?


One look at Dr. O’Hara this week, and we know that O’Jackie subtext is on maternity leave.

But how cute is Eleanor in those shoes? And that’s not even the cutest thing about her this ep.


She’s going to be the coolest mom ever.


With Eleanor about to pop, we’re not surprised that hormones are raging to the point that the ever-composed Brit is a bit fragile. Finding out that Coop has something in common with her donor pushes her over the edge.


You know, the attributes Eleanor searched for in a donor pretty much describe former lady love Sarah Khouri. Just sayin’.

Now that Gloria has done her exit interview and her severance check is in hand, she starts to realize that her time at All Saints really is over. I love how Nurse Jackie uses Gloria’s beloved iconic statues to punctuate scenes.

What a blessed soul Gloria Akalitus is. And what an idiot Michael Cruz is for letting her go.


Happiness is being Jackie’s wife.

“You gonna do anything? The ship is sinking here.”

“I’m gonna’ handle this — like I’m Jackie”


“God” returned to All Saints this week (did anyone else recognize him as Michael Buscemi, Steve’s brother?). He’s doing a chalk rendition of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” with the ER staff in the boat, leading the revolution, on the sidewalk in front of the hospital.

Cruz sends Jackie outside to make the guy leave — nothing disrupts business like sidewalk art — so Jackie takes God up to the roof where the failed heliport project left a perfect space for chalk art. I like the idea of God on the roof with a blank canvas.

Jackie’s guilt over being the cause of Eddie and Gloria’s termination moves from denial to passive aggressiveness to outright hostility this episode. As always, though, she uses her emotional energy to benefit the patients. When Cruz has a panic attack in the ER, Jackie takes over, ordering Zoey to get seven temp nurses in to help take care of the overcrowded ER. And she tosses aside the required paperwork in order to get the staff at their patients’ bedsides where they belong.

Unless Cruz’s panic attack turns out to be more, Jackie may have rocked herself right out of the boat. Sure, he promised Charlie he wouldn’t fire her, but Cruz is too angry to control himself much longer.

What did you think of this episode of Nurse Jackie? Do you think Jackie will keep her job — and her sobriety — through the end of the season? Any predictions for the finale?

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