Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.08): “Chaud & Froid”


We didn’t have to wait long to find out that Cruz learning that Jackie is his son Charlie’s rehab buddy was not a good thing. But I doubt any of us expected it to be this bad. Sometimes when we make a tough decision — like sobriety — the universe seems to conspire to make sure we mean it. Bad, bad universe.


The universe also is conspiring to keep O’Jackie time to a minimum. But seeing each other less often doesn’t keep Jackie from noticing that Eleanor has on different clothes than she did when she left Jackie’s earlier in the day.

Jackie: Did you go out and buy that dress?
Eleanor: Yes, the minute I came in here. I refuse to be more uncomfortable than I already am.

Honestly, how else would O’Hara deal with the faulty air conditioning? In any case, she certainly is a lovely miserable pregnant lady.

Toe ring!


The bad feelings that sober Jackie has to feel are piling on. Charlie made his dad promise not to fire Jackie, but that didn’t stop him from making her wish he would. He blames her for covering for Charlie because hey, he has to blame someone. And he’s going to make Jackie pay. Unfortunately for her, when Charlie gets shocked awake (in the shower) from his drug haze, he angrily tells his dad that it’s not easy to get drugs since he doesn’t work in a hospital f-ing a pharmacist. Uh-oh.

Bam, Eddie gets fired.

Then Cruz uncovers security footage of Gloria dumping Jackie’s urine sample in the trash. Bam, Gloria gets fired. And Cruz makes Jackie watch.

Nice guy.

Better feelings come from O’Hara yet again relying on Coop for support. I love the way Eve Best plays Eleanor’s grudging acceptance that she needs to be able to rely on others, even if she’s not particularly fond of them.


Who else kind of loves Coop this season?


Cruz: Do you remember the last time there was a mandatory drug screen for the nurses?
Zoey: Yes, October 14. See? Because I drew a little cup of pee.

“No matter where you go…” (E.T. voice) “I’ll – be – right – heeere.”

Looking away. Not hearing a thing. Not even here.


As awkward as Zoey felt being in the middle of an argument between Kevin and Jackie, it resulted in one of the best Zoey/Jackie interactions in the series. When Kevin leaves, Zoey tells Jackie that she’s going to move because her knowing personal things may lead to Jackie liking her less. Jackie says that she doesn’t want to fail in her sobriety: “Please stay.” (Zoey agrees, of course.)

The development of the Zoey/Jackie relationship into true friendship is one of my favorite things about Nurse Jackie.

The Eddie and Gloria firings likely will haunt Cruz, even though he had good reason. Jackie has to keep out of trouble until custody is settled, but the entire staff is loyal to each other — and they don’t like Cruz. Things should get interesting, especially if Cruz continues to make decisions out of anger with Jackie.

Eddie turns out to have the key to the custody battle, which he shares with Jackie: Kevin beat him up while the kids were in the room (they had on headphones and didn’t hear, but could have). I have a feeling that’s all Jackie’s lawyer needs.

Only two episodes left in the season. What did you think of “Chaud & Froid?” Do you think Jackie will maintain her sobriety through the end of the season?

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