“Pretty Little Liars” is creepier than ever in this Season 3 sneak peek!


According to my calculations — and the homicidal doll-shaped countdown clock I keep on my nightstand — it is 13 days and six hours until the third season launch of Pretty Little Liars. Early reviews of the premiere are starting to land online with descriptions like, “scarier and more exhilarating than ever” and “batshit crazytown bananapants.” (I fabricated both of those quotes because I couldn’t find links to the reviews I read earlier this week and if you’re surprised to see me making up things about Pretty Little Liars, I welcome you to the first post of mine you’ve ever read!)

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure PLL really could get anymore awesomely insane than the first two seasons — and then ABC Family released this sneak peek from “It Happened That Night.”


Sweet merciful eyeball transplants, I have missed you so much, show!

My main fear about Season 3 has been that the show would suffer now that the pressure of the “A” reveal isn’t pushing in from every angle, but apparently the Liars are still losing their minds over some threat. Aria is usually as cool as a penguin feather handbag. Also, the way that scene is filmed and edited is positively Hitchcockian!

There’s also a sneak peek floating around of Drunk!Emily making a comeback, but I don’t have an embeddable clip yet. You can check it out here! (Thanks for the tip, @anniejphoenix!)

I’m so excited I can’t sit still. Are you ready for the return of our Precious Little Liars?

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