“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: “In the Cold, Cold Night, Part 2”



Guys, guys, guys! We finally got the lesbian kiss we’ve been waiting for all season – Eli and Clare! Oh wait, sorry, let me take off these Gay Girl Googles, because Fiona and Imogen’s Ferris wheel scene does not needed any visual enhancements in order for us to finally see the kiss we’ve been hoping to see!


In the second half of the Season 11 finale, Fiona doesn’t want to go back to NYC, but she’s struggling to figure out how to get what (and who) she does want. She tries to push Imogen away only to discover that Imogen would rather be drawn in.


While the Frostival tickets may have sold out, they do not amount to anywhere near the $11,000 Fiona needs to pay the carnival rental folks.

She goes to the office to talk to the principal, only to find Marisol gloating over how she hopes that Fiona can’t come up with the money so that the stink of failure will follow her around until graduation. The principal is no more sympathetic, telling her quite simply to scale it down in order to make the event feasible.

Freaked out by the pressure of the carnival and too proud to admit to her monetary woes, Fiona considers sneaking off to New York early. This plan has the added “bonus” of “saving the straight girl she has a crush on a whole lot of trouble.”

As Holly J helps Fiona pack her bags for New York, Imogen shows up to work on decorations for the festival. Hurt and confused, Imogen reminds Fiona that she can tell her anything, causing Fiona to snap, shouting at Imogen about her family’s troubles and how she’s going back to New York tomorrow, before the festival.

“Fine, run away, be a quitter,” Imogen responds, which prompts Fiona to worry that Imogen is right about her being a spoiled brat who quits when it gets hard. She declares to Holly J that she won’t give up, “not on Imogen, not on the carnival, not this time,” and decides to sell her belongings to raise the money still needed for the event.


The last minute sale is a success, but Fiona shows up at the Frostival amid radio silence from Imogen. “I was beginning to think you were avoiding me,” Fiona jokes when Imogen finally shows up. Imogen admits that she did try avoiding Fiona, but she sucks at doing that.

On the Ferris wheel, Fiona says to Imogen, “In case I die on this thing, there’s something I need to tell you.” She starts to speak, but then she decides just to kiss Imogen instead.

Fiona explains that she’s has a crush on Imogen since the beginning of the school year, which is a big reason why she thought moving to New York would — but we don’t find out about New York, because Imogen cuts her off with another kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” Imogen giddily confesses, but “I don’t know what it means.” “I hope it means that you like me,” Fiona cheekily responds, to which Imogen gives her best “duh” face. “Could I be more obvious?” she says.

But Fiona’s leaving forever, Imogen sighs, “which really, really, really sucks.” We concur! Fiona tentatively proposes, “What if I’m not?” and Imogen grins on behalf of all of us.

When Fiona gets a moment with Holly J, she explains that she and Imogen had a talk (and a not-talk…) at the top of the Ferris wheel; they want to try to make a relationship work. Holly J questions how they’re going to keep one up via Skype, then realizes from Fiona’s face that she doesn’t intend to move to New York anymore.

Fiona allows that she’ll go to New York for the holidays, but she wants to come back to Degrassi to finish out her senior year. Being 18, she vows to get a job, a roommate, whatever she has to do to make it work. “New attitude, new love life, next semester’s going to be a hoot.”

And so Degrassi sends us off into this cold, cold May-episode-totally-set-in-December night with a tendril of hope to keep us warm. Since it’s apparently the holiday season, I want to take a moment to list out my Degrassi Christmas wish list (I’m easy to please, I promise!):

Fiona keeps Imogen. Her struggles next season focus not on the relationship, but on how she adapts to her new financial situation, etc.

Adam gets the girl. No ifs, ands, non-compatibly-identified-love-interests, or buts.

Simple enough, right? I look forward to getting my Christmas-in-July presents, Degrassi! What do you all hope to see when the show returns?

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