Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.07) – “Day of the Iguana”



O’Jackie gets very little LLBFF time this week, but we are treated to a little of Jackie’s initial meeting with the best divorce lawyer in town, courtesy of Dr. O’Hara’s wide-open checkbook. Hi, Janice!

OK, that’s not Janice Soprano, it’s Laurel Vargas, but both are Aida Turturro, which is cool. O’Hara obviously thinks she’s cool, too. Anybody think Laurel and Eleanor have a history that doesn’t involve divorce law? 

Oh, to read Eleanor’s mind. In any case, I hope we get to see more of Laurel, since she’s full of lines like, “Spanx are a f—ing miracle until they go rogue on you.” Amen. 

BTW, Jackie is wearing the Chanel jacket and designer shoes Eleanor traded her last week for the Roxy. I think we all agree it was an excellent trade. 


As unfair as Gloria’s demotion was, I love the chance to see more from her this season. This week, Joel Grey plays Dick Babbit, a former colleague of Gloria’s who now has dementia. Gloria’s memory, however, is quite clear.

“First male nurse, big man on campus, girls were nuts about him … he was always a gentleman … I can’t deny there was a certain electricity.”

Once Dick sees Gloria, he has a few nice memories of his own. He just happens to think they’re from last night instead of 1974.

“I made a fondue, we had Harvey Wallbangers, we watched Love, American Style … ooo, foxy lady.” Sweet.

Also sweet: An unexpected few moments of genuine caring from Coop.

He may not be the village idiot after all.


“You look so pretty!”

Zoey: “Whatever happened to telling the truth? The truth shall set you free.”

Thor: “Don’t you have a certain someone to set free with the truth?”

Zoey: “Yes, I do. Crap.”

Zoey: “Lenny, I’ve never been to Paris by myself. I can’t be with you until I be with me.”

Lenny: “I hope Zales gives refunds.”

Zoey: “I can go with you.”

Lenny: “I’ll do it alone. You go to Paris, I’ll go to Zales.”



Jackie has to prove that she’s cleaning up her act, and part of that involves going to a lot of AA meetings. But her AA buddy, Charlie, isn’t exactly the best support person for her. This week, she takes a drink from his smoothie, which he’s laced with Vicodin. That’s the last straw for Jackie, until he calls her to bail him out of jail. She takes him home and sits with him until his dad gets there. Finally, Jackie learns what we already know — that Dr. Cruz is Charlie’s father. Now Cruz knows about Jackie’s drug problem and Jackie knows how messed up Cruz’s son is. Perhaps the two will be come allies now — but I doubt it.

This episode sets up the last few of Season 4, which likely will focus on the divorce. Things are about to get nasty between Kevin and Jackie. A lot is riding on whether the court learns that Jackie has been stealing drugs and practicing nursing under the influence. And that may come down to what Eddie and Eleanor say if they’re called to testify. 

What are your thoughts about this episode of Nurse Jackie? Did you expect Zoey to really break up with Lenny? Do you think Eddie and Eleanor will lie under oath for Jackie? Would you lie in court for your LLBFF? 

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