Cry along with the “Glee” cast in this look at the Season 3 finale


The Glee Season 3 finale “first look” pictures and video are here, along with way too many feelings to feel.

Photo: Adam Rose/Fox

At least we’re not alone. Take a look at the cast talking about all of their feelings as they say “Goodbye.”

I know you want a screencap of the Brittana hug. Happy to oblige. 

Brittany and Santana will, in fact, be featured in the finale as the one and only Gloria Estefan guest stars as Santana’s mom Maribel. 

Photo: Adam Rose/FOX

Although the rumor mill suggests that Brittany will not make a great first impression on Mama Lopez, a snapshot @gloriaestefan tweeted indicates otherwise.

Photo: Gloria Estefan via Twitter


She also shared this video look at her time on the set.

Rivera and Estefan don’t get to sing and dance together, but the dinner at Breadsticks with Santana and Brittany promises to make us want to make our own music. According to Rivera, Mrs. Lopez is completely supportive of the relationship, unlike Santana’s grandmother. 

The other promotional pictures from FOX provide few hints of the fate of our other favorite ship, Faberry. I’m sure, however, that Rachel is responsible for Quinn’s wistful look in the choir room.

Photo: Adam Rose/Fox

We’ll probably have to wait until Tuesday to separate truth from rumor, but we’ll keep track of all the official news from Glee. Meanwhile, share your feelings on the finale. Can you bear a future without Faberry? Do you expect the Brittana ship to stay afloat? What else to you see for the Glee finale?

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