Next fall’s Thursdays will be full of “Glee”


I know you’re still trying to decide what to wear to Nationals tonight, but take a break. We have some news direct from Fox about Glee Season 4.

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The biggest scoop for Gleeks is that the show moves to Thursday at 9 p.m. ET next season. The X-Factor results show airs at 8. According to Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly, Fox hopes to capture the comedy audience in the hour associated with NBC’s “must see TV.”

“Ultimately we really want that four comedy block,” Reilly said. “Even in this day and age of DVRs, there’s a flow between comedies and we have a cohesive block. We’ve seen before that Glee is very compatible. As Glee gets more mature, we thought this was the best way to propel it through the next couple of seasons.”

“Compatible” and “mature” sounds a little boring for Glee, but at least Fox seems to have a plan for promoting the show.

As far as how the story will work, Season 4 will be a “show within a show” that follows some of the graduating seniors to a performing arts school in New York, with the rest of the series still set at McKinley High, with new characters coming in to join New Directions. The rumored New York spin-off is officially dead, but Lea Michele (Rachel), Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Cory Monteith (Finn) are the likely players in the NYC storyline.

How Finn manages to get into a performing arts school is a mystery.

Two big-name guest stars join Season 4: Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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This is Parker’s first television appearance since the end of Sex and the City — no official details yet about her multi-episode story arc, but Coffer, on Live! With Kelly Monday, said that she will be Kurt’s “mentor of sorts.” New York fashion will never be the same. I can see Kurt with a corsage like that, can’t you?

Hudson will have a six-episode arc near the end of the season; details about her storyline and character are being kept under wraps for the moment.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything official to report on Naya Rivera (Santana) or Heather Morris (Brittany). We won’t find out until the finale whether Brit graduates and Santana accepts the cheerleading scholarship her girlfriend found for her. As soon as we get word about either Rivera or Morris signing on for Season 4, we’ll let you know. I can’t imagine Glee without Brittana. (UPDATE: Naya tweeted today that she is on her way to the Upfronts and is “excited to see everyone and celebrate the start of a new exciting season of Glee!” Fingers crossed that Fox will announce a new season of Brittana at the Upfronts.)

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And still no word on Dianna Agron (Quinn) for next season, so Faberry’s fate is likewise unsure. Let’s hope we get a whole lot of answers in next Tuesday’s finale.

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Do you think Glee‘s move to Thursday is a good one? Does the “show within a show” in NYC sound promising or did you hope for a spin-off with the graduating seniors? Will you watch if Brittana and/or Faberry are no more after this season?

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